Hell’s Kitchen finals week

Tonight is the penultimate episode and tomorrow is the grand final.
I’m thinking Willie, Gaz and Lincoln, because Debra – the only good cook of the bunch – does not deal well with the pressure. Really, it should just be the entire blue team but they have to chuck a token red in there.
Do you think Hell’s Kitchen will be renewed? Seems unlikely they will want to pay Marco Pierre White’s salary for another season.

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Its annoying Sam is making fun of Gary accent


I think Wille or Gaz will be the winner. Debra has not learned to overcome her tendency to panic, and her “My station! My station!” performance last night was laughable. None of them, except maybe Willie, seem able to work well as part of a team. As much as I enjoy watching MPW work, I doubt there will be another season. The producers would have to change where they get the contestants, because what I disliked most this season was that a lot of the contestants were whiny no-hopers trying to rekindle the public’s interest in them.

At least Sam is gone, so I can enjoy one episode without her spruiking her talents, that only she can see, and blaming everyone else for her mistakes.

Perhaps cooking competitions have run their course.


I am glad Lincoln is not in the Grand Finale.

Gee that David is horrible


Why must Debra keeps repeating that she is the oldest person and is an achievement she is going into the Grand Finale.

She is the only contestant who actually cook at home. Compared to the rest, they got zero cooking skills.


So we are all wrong


David Oldfield really is a blot on humanity.

Carole Morrissey

He was, what a disgusting thing to say to Candace. And Deb was oblivious because she wasn’t there & paired them for the service challenge. She’ll probably be horrified when she watches it back.
It was nice to see some of them again. Was hilarious how they were glad it was ‘food critics’ testing their food when it was their former competitors.
And cheeky Marco letting them think the oven wasn’t on. I was confused when he said that as they had said all the ovens were pre-heated. I was worried when Deb put her chicken in so late that it wouldn’t be cooked.