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We can’t wait! Though we are a bit torn. Bogans destroying ‘heritage’ homes might be unwatchable…(this would be a season to be a contestant on (and win :))).

Other thing we hate is how close the houses are to each other. Grrr. We realise that Channel Nine needs to make money but we would have rather they ditch a fifth team and have larger backyards.

Points of drama….just my guesses…termites, someone will want to do a concrete floor in the inevitable kitchen extension but their build is not done in time, it will be pouring rain exterior week and the timber won’t be prepped properly for painting, someone will remove the ‘charm’ of the house (cornice, ceiling rose, skirts, the interior doors), the floor joist won’t hold the weight of the oversized bath tub.,someone will irritate Bryce (kitchen guy), noise complaints, stupid Aldi challenge… and of course, no one will stick to budget.

Still, we can’t wait.


Sounds like I won’t need to watch the season! Unless we watch just to tick off all Maz’s commentary as it plays out?
I’m pleased it is an actual house. Should be more interesting. . . until all the stupid things happen. . .


Haha Maz I think you have recaped the season before it has even begun!
Looking forward to it as well. Though my interest in the weeknight episodes will wane if Survivor and The Bachelor are up against it.


The Block NZ has 4 teams but the houses are basically right up against each other although there seem to be back and front yards. Also the teams are all young, looks like no one over 40 and no diversity whatsoever. Still doing stupid challenges that have nothing to do with renovation and also doing things like a -2 award if someone wins a challenge so that they can take 2 points off of someone’s score before the final score reveal. It’s not fair when one team does a better reno and another team gets the win because they use those points that they won in some ludicrous challenge.
I’m glad that The Block AU went back to single homes. These houses are not as close together as the ones on NZ but they are still too close for comfort, IMO.


It’s been a long time since they have done houses. Looking forward to it, hope it doesn’t disappoint.