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That palm tree they pulled down would have been worth some serious money if it was sold and transplanted….what a waste

brain dead dave

Kochie overload. Fail. That’s against my house rules.


All I can say is B.O.R.I.N.G. – when is this going to end??


It seems like a long drawn out season and none of the teams really stand out.


how much long is this going to drag out for?
and i sense the “Rubik cube” tiling might not end well! I don’t think it will be interpreted the way Kate and Harry think it will.




Well said.


Sorry, guys, but I am enjoying the show.
The glimpses of the “contemporary” front yard look terrible. I strongly suspect I will be on Team Wendy about that. Even just the judges standing on the porch show the green door clashing badly with everything around it.
They certainly overdid the disagreement between Kate and Harry about the deck. Afterwards it was clear that the whole thing probably lasted about two minutes. Harry should have learned by now that Kate is usually right.
As usual, Carolyn Mc was correct about the wall facing the street, but also as usual she turns up way too late. I think Sean and Ella’s idea to paint a contrasting colour would certainly be better than nothing.
Glad the boys left the pergola (not the “patio” numbskulls!) up – it was in good condition and needed for that area. Their idea with the fabric sounds weird, but then so many of their ideas have sounded daft and then actually been quite good.
Looking forward to Sunday’s show, and then there should only be a few more shows. I hope they don’t bother with a charity week, just donate the equivalent money and let them employ tradies.