Australian Suvivor S2 preview

Channel Ten has gone into receivership but swears it’s business as usual for its shows.
Given Australian Survivor just started filming season two a few weeks ago in Samoa, it seems likely we’ll get to see the finished product.
Season three will be iffy, as it’s expensive to film, but there have already been calls for pay TV to swoop in.
Here’s a look at the new crop of castaways. I wonder how the escape room owner will fare? Hopefully she will be really good at puzzles. (And if you’ve never done an escape room, I highly recommend it, as long as you have friends with complementary skills, eg someone good at maths, someone good at linguistics.)

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Noooooo… don’t relegate it to pay tv!!


I heard this morning something about Lachlan Murdoch coming to the rescue for Channel 10.
Looking forward to the new series.
Has anyone been watching the NZ version? I watched the first ep last night. Not bad.
And another recommendation for escape rooms here. Great fun and agree make sure you have a good range of skills in your group. Friends and I are booked to ‘escape’ from Pentridge Prison in a few weeks.


It is generally believed that the millionaires have timed their withdrawal to coincide with the proposed changes to media laws, so they can get a better deal later.


Can’t wait! I’m now a survivor fan. It’s the only reality show that isn’t disappointing me big time.
We took the kids (teenagers) and another family to an escape room. absolutely LOVED it – so much fun. Highly recommended.


Sounds like a great idea. It reminds me a bit of that episide of Black Mirror where the guy plays a cybergame and has to spend a night in a haunted house.
I know it’s not the same.


I did an escape room once with five of my best friends, and I really enjoyed it. And we won, although we did need an extra ten minutes (but still, a win’s a win. I discovered that one of my friends is skilled at picking padlocks. Go figure).


They just announced it will start July 30 up against The Block AND a live finale!! Woohoo!