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Oh my God Mikhala chucked a major temper tantrum when her team lost. Then was really pissed off when she wasn’t picked.
Sierra was on the ground bawling just at the mention of their loved ones being there.
What a bitch Sarah was voting for Sierra..

Sioux Denim

Yeah, Sarah did look miffed thinking that she didnt get the advantage…i wonder do,they give it to her secretly now?
Tai is looking the goods to the final 3…am hoping to see some Idol action soon.
Was stoked to see Monica visit, one of my all time fave players…loved the family visits…


I thought Sarah didn’t exactly have her poker face on, she’s going to lose the legacy advantage as quick as she gets it if she doesn’t play it cool.


Stupid thing for a player to say; “If I get voted out, I will give you…….”. It’s like offering a reward for them to write down your name.
They again missed there chance to take out Tai. He is going to be able to play, “One for you and one for me”.


I’m really hoping its gets down to a week Tai wins immunity and he can make 3 people immune!


Really enjoyed this episode because of the outcome. My least favourite player gone, and one of my favourites safe by winning the immunity challenge. Hopefully Brad will be a bit safer now, no longer perceived as part of a couple.

Why did Tai feel safe this week after getting so many votes last week? Surely you would feel scared, and if you have two idols, it would be a good time to use one, to make the otheres think that you are now vulnerable. Seems to me that he is getting very arrogant, and needs to be knocked down.

If Sarah makes it to the end I think she will have a very good ‘resume’ to present. From what we saw, it seems she has got away with blabbing about the legacy, and now she can wonder loudly with that person (forgot who) about where the legacy has landed.


Can’t stand the loved ones episodes, so fake and over the top. Many families don’t see their loved ones for weeks or months so they need to just suck it up. Tai is annoying me too.


yes i usually FF through all the mushy family stuff. Thou there is a different between choosing not to see / contact family and friends when you have access too and that access being taken away. Sometimes its just because you know you can’t contact them is when you want to the most.


I agree, loved ones ep is so fake and boring, I ffwd most of this ep. I’m not invested in anyone particular this series.


I’m definitely not a Tai fan, but he seemed to have a nice partner, so maybe he’s not as annoying as I think he is. I have to give credit to him for reading the signs well – pretty impressed he didn’t waste an idol when he wasn’t in the running – yet after all the votes last week he could easily have been in the frame.

I found the loved ones stuff boring, but I get that it would be difficult circumstances and to see someone you trust would be such a relief.

To me, Sarah was given a sure fire way to get her hands on an immunity option and she would have been insane not to take it, even if it means that she lost a friend.