MasterChef – Tues, May 16

The three best performers from Sunday’s invention test are now vying for a chance to challenge a chef and win an immunity pin.
Summary: They had to make waffles. Eloise won for her Japanese fried chook and chilli caramel version, beating Young Sam, who did a kind of banana, caramel, choc version that a kid would love and Sarah, who used mango and curry leaves but who put her waffle on too late.
Eloise’s waffle:

Sam’s waffle:

Sarah’s waffle:

Eloise AKA Johnnie Walker then went up against Atlas chef Charlie Carrington. He’s only 23 and owns his own restaurant – what the …Eloise chose to use the “indulgent” pantry over the “healthy” pantry. Apparently Atlas doesn’t use a lot of chocolate so Charlie was thrown for a loop by the ingredients.
Eloise won for this:

Chef Charlie dished up this:

Atlas sounds pretty interesting, as its menu changes three times a year, and not just the dishes – the entire cuisine!
From the website: “Every four months I will explore the cuisine of a different country that I have visited, adding my own special twist on what I have learnt during my travels.”
At the moment he’s doing Korea. More here.

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I don’t think I can watch. It is VERY Eloise-intensive, with lots of poorly acted surprise moments. Cannot deal. Off to house rules to be honestly outraged by rudeness instead of nauseated by insincerity.


I wish I had followed your example. I call Bullshit on the whole episode.


Call me Donald Trump, but I am STILL self-congratulating myself on dodging the ascent of Eloise to heaven.
But I remain cranky that the cute-y blond-y stereotype with one idea taking up clearly valuable and constrained brain space is getting so much attention.
I am beyond sceptical that it could be a blind taste if there is a dessert with whiskey.

I hate myself for even doing this, but I checked her winning plate (sorry LittlePetal for bringing up, so to speak, unpleasant memories). It definitely looked pre-digested – and I am so not buying it was all about the flavour and the taste.


Sarah annoys me – too intense and she looks dirty. Should be made to wear a head band


Why don’t you cut the filler an just give Eloise (aka protected species) the pin.


Is Eloise an alcoholic? There is conveniently whisky in the indulgent pantry.

Coke is an ingredient???


Eloise’s dish looks like my vomit. True. I am not well roday and have been throwing up


Hope you feel better soon LP.


Sorry to hear that. You need a strong stomach to cope with Masterchef when the Favoured Ones are featured.


Eloise is such a drama queen.
Have only watched about 5 minutes of her whisky infused dessert.

Sorry you’re not feeling well Littlepetal.

brain dead dave

Ditto. Keep pushing, Littlepetal.


Hope you feel better soon LP. I have been “off”, too, and wound up going to the doctor. This episode just increased my nausea.


Smythe, hope you are better now. I have been in bed since Mon evening. Hopefully I should feel ‘good’ tomorrow. Got to go back to work.

Thanks to all the well wishes


Gary is not even hiding his lust for Eloise. 28/30. It was a shuddering display by the judges.

Littlepetal-feel better soon.


It was so obvious that they had chosen Eloise to be in the cook off and given her a pantry choice she’d like. And it really is stretching it to expect us to believe they had no idea she’d cooked the dish with the whiskey. Definitely the biggest BS episode of the season thus far.


So- it went according to plan? Yuck.


That was the biggest crock of shit I have seen in a long time. The judges exhibited such artificial praise and feigned delight in Eloise’s dishes that I wanted to puke. Even Shannon – shame on you, Shannon.

I should have changed the channel as soon as I saw Gary trying to unsuccessfully hide his grin of congratulations at her waffle dish.

Should I watch any more, or just assume that Miss I’m-So-Talented and her ever present bottle of frigging whiskey is going to win?

That was sheer garbage.


Alright, is Eloise stupid or what? “I should check my waffles!”. If there is a friggin’ red light still visible, the waffle isn’t done because due to the batter the waffle iron isn’t hot enough. I knew that as a 10 year old.
Sara doesn’t bother me that much. She is kind of a female Intense Matt.
Back to Eloise though… In the beginning I thought she was kind of adorable, but that focus on her really turns you off as a viewer. Whiskey in a jar, whiskey in your brain, whiskey… well… wherever. If you put that in everything you cook and bake, it gets boring and isn’t special anymore. But seems like the judges are still hot for it.


That was so bogus. The 3 stooges acting was hysterical. Raving over a dish that looked like a bunch of slop on a plate. I wanted the 3 of them to shut up. Spectacular, dessert of the competition: BS!!! This was one of the worst immunity challenges ever. So incredibly fake and sickening. Poor Eloise….she actually thinks that she did a better job than the professional chef.
As for the first round…shocker that she didn’t make whiskey chicken.
Eloise = the stooges’ pet.
Blind Tasting….hahahaha….who could have made a dish with whiskey sauce? 😉

Once again, ice cream and yet another mousse (although that looked more like a certain bodily excrement). They need to start banning certain foods.

brain dead dave

In spite of the warnings above, like a deluded amata , I’ll keep pushing and watch the encore…….. for as long as possible.

brain dead dave

Ammunity pin my arse. What a rort. Food fraud.

Eloise believes in Ma$tercult.

Worst episode evah. Chump Suit for Charlie.


Last year it was jaffles, this year it was waffles.
That guy ruined his by putting bananas in it. Other than that it sounded really yummy.
Chicken waffles, wouldn’t think of doing that, but they looked really yummy.
As soon as she decided to put whiskey in her dish I thought the judges will know who cooked it. Not a whiskey drinker myself. I would prefer kahlua or butterscotch schnapps in it.


I thought these are the best home cooks. What happens to Heston ‘s chocolate and water mousse. He did that last year in Masterclass.

brain dead dave

Jowl$y appeared in a guest cameo on The Bold And The Beautiful today.

I though he produced a truly insipid performance. It’ll be encored at 7.30 in the morning.