MasterChef – Mystery Box – Sun, May 13

Sunday night is always Mystery Box night, with the winner gaining an advantage for the Invention Test.
It usually doesn’t help people much – it’s not often the advantage winner then also goes on to make top three in the Invention Test.
What do you think of the season thus far? It’s not compulsory viewing for me, as it used to be. I still enjoy it, but it’s too much of a commitment to watch every night, and the episodes go for sooo long (tonight being a case in point). Plus I have MKR-related fatigue and MasterChef began straight afterwards.

MasterChef is on Ten from 7-8.40pm

Lemon aspen juice- what the? Sea lettuce – what the? Waxed flowers – isn’t it wax flower? Home cooking week is well and truly over.

No recap from me tonight – I’m doing the airport pickup thing. Will pick up some lemon aspen juice on the way home. I look forward to reading your comments.

Eloise’s whiskey ice cream sambo:

From mystery man Trent:

Nicole’s roo:

Doctor Ray’s mystery box winning sambo:

Jess’s raw roo:

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Okay, we have just got the ex-fat kid backstory.
Jess is respecting the produce by making a carpaccio. Please, please let her get eliminated this week.


I liked her at first – but she’s proving to be a total pain.


Why do they get so worried with not doing a good dish in the Mystery Box challenge. Nothing will happen if you dont cook well. Just focus on the invention test

brain dead dave

I’ve been watching Nicole swish her ponytail on the promos for days. It’s all about the cooking. She’ll be top ten for sure.


Jesse does the faux look of surprise when she is picked for tasting.

Tamara ups the faux shock humble look.

The ex-fat kid gets a look in.


Who is Trent and Sam? They didn’t feature at all last week.
Jess and Eloise continue to be pains. All that faux surprise when thy get called up and on top of that they are so full of themselves.
I wish Sarah would stop putting her fingers through her hair all the time. Most non hygienic.
Raj needs to go back to being a doctor, I hope he is a better MD than a chef!


I thought it was Samuel ( the one with a headband) that made the best pizza dough. That is the problem when some of them didnt get much air time at all


I didn’t know what half the stuff in that mystery box were, apart from the scallops & kangaroo.
It was so obvious who the top & bottom 3 would be.
Silly Pia was so organised throughout the whole cook, then forgets to turn the heat on & leaves half the stuff off.
That girl doing the brick pastry, whatever the hell that is, kept stuffing it up. It was too thin & kept falling apart when she tried to take it out of the pan. How about making it a bit thicker?
Ray. That lobster looked beautiful & you ruined it. Such a shame. His dish would have been spectacular if it had worked out.


I actually don’t want to hear Eloise use the word “whiskey”. Ever again.
Or describe her dream. Ever again.
In fact – if I can be brutally frank -I’d be just as happy never to hear from Eloise on any subject. Ever again.


BUT the rest of Eloise’s dishes will all contain whiskey.
Profiteroles filled with whiskey cream
Sponge soaked with whiskey syrup
Bread pudding with whiskey sauce etc.
She is practicing for her whiskey dessert bar.


Eloise is like Danni from a previous season. And that other smart alec from 2 seasons ago who taught Brent how to temper chocolate. I think it was one of the dessert queens,
There’s always one in every batch of Masterchef.


I know, doesn’t she go on? Someone tweeted that she said it for the 8oooth time. Is she going to put whiskey into everything she cooks? They should remove the bottle.


Whiskey was sooooo 10 years ago….! But the good thing is, she won’t win. Nurse Jessica won’t win either. Usually the ones with lots of edits in the beginning do not win.


This must be the season for ice cream. Ice cream sandwich wins the mystery box and ice cream sandwich top 3 in invention test. Then there were other ice cream dishes as well as sorbet. Just make the judges an ice cream sandwich and you will be a winner. Wonder how many contestants will start making ice cream sandwiches now.
Poor Ray…judges gave him false confidence. I just find it hard to believe that his ice cream sandwich was one of the best dishes in the mystery box round.
Was also surprised to see that stacked brick pastry dessert as one of the top five.
Where is Benita? Is she still in the competition? 😉


Yeah, how many ice cream sandwiches were made last night? They sound pretty ordinary to me. They must have had withdrawals from not having the ice cream machine for a week.
I wondered about Benita. I realised when they all gathered at the end I didn’t remember seeing them tasting her dish or show what she made. Did they just skip her or did I blink & miss her?

brain dead dave

Ice cream sandwiches are literally to die for. Just ask Elvis and Marlon Brando.


I thought Raj’s ice cream sandwich and biscuits looked pretty awesome compared to Eloise’s. Her biscuits looked burnt on the edges and misshaped. The whiskey ice cream looked icy in texture. I think she and Jess and the blondes are the teachers pets.
Have you noticed they have only eliminated men so far and are much tougher on the male contestants.


Yes, we have noticed that too, the tone of aggression used when they are addressing the male contestants.

Fatigued watching Gary and George drooling over the blonde contestants.

Dislike intensively, the contestants they are showcasing.

Here is a suggestion, instead of the judges tasting a practised dish do a BLIND audition on a basic (let’s say sponge cake) and see how the cookie crumbles then. We would have at least been spared drama queen Jess.

MC is not must-watch anymore. We don’t get through Sunday night as we flick channels for Dr and Whovians.

The only thing that is stopping us flick to House Rules is the utter reprehensible contestants on it.

brain dead dave

The judges and the rock star chef crawled right up Jess’s arse over raw kangaroo. Guess it’s hard to undercook that. Jess was shitting concrete waiting for the feedback.The desperation is just embarrassing on $honkychef. Had a gutful of Jess. She looks like a skunk with that hair and is stinking up the joint.

True Maz, it’s not must watch anymore, it’s must laugh at and just gold for Gogglebox, the network’s most successful programme.

brain dead dave

Some of these faceless, ignored amatas , I haven’t seen yet at all. I like to think of them as “intruders” or some sort of culinary zombies buried in the opening credits and “music”(vomit). What about their hopes ,passions and dreams? Their cliches are as good as the others’… no?


So, Juz, what did you make with the lemon aspen juice you grabbed at the servo on the way home?

I only know a few people by name so far and have to keep looking up pictures. I like Pia and Benita, who will no doubt be gone soon since they are both over 25 and non-blondes, and don’t panic enough for the producers. Other than those two, I mostly remember the names of the annoying ones. Agree that this season is not a must-watch. It did start too soon after MKR, which had left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth this season.


There’s a business opportunity! Unless the rest of the universe thinks like me and goes “hhmm lemon tree=lemon flavouring – oh that’s right actual LEMON at minimal cost”. Then $22 for lemon flavouring looks pretty ordinary.


So the chef tells us that these ingredients, sea lettuce, kangaroo, lemon aspen etc are now common in Australian cooking? What a load of quandong.
Relieved that GI Jane was complimented for her raw roo because that intense, murderous stare she puts on is quite scary. They’ve ramped up security and put a few snipers on the gantry.

I think Pia should be safe tonight as she and Benita are the token ‘oldies,’ so it’s too soon to eject one of them. The token ‘bogan’ should be safe. Maybe Dr Ray is on life support?
Why does Tamara insist on wearing curtain tassels in her ears?

brain dead dave

All that $wisse George is necking can’t be helping much.

Prisons can always use good chefs, I’m told but beware the dangerous “alaments” in there, George.


Thanks, now I can see George a la Red aka Captain Janeway in the prison kitchen, scheming while wearing a red, spiky wig and lots of badly applied eyeliner.