MasterChef – Mon, May 22

Sweet Week continues with the bottom three from last night – Headband Samuel, Invisible Trent and Excitable Bryan – having to create Christy Tania’s floating ice cream.
Headband Samuel is one of my finalist picks, so finger crossed.
Last year Christy made Mimi, Trent and Intense Matt create this:

Christy Tania’ Mistique.

Thanks to the awesome website Talking TV, I know it sent Trent home, despite these comments from the judges: “Please don’t be disappointed of yourself,” says Christy. “Do you think there’s any other sparkies in Australia that could put up something like this?” George asks.

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Those domes have certainly had a work out for the last few years


My prediction-Bryan is gone.


Not surprise there. He still has a lot to learn especially the basic baking skills. He thinks he is good but with pressure he crumble.


And he doesn’t really listen to advice.

brain dead dave

He looked in such trouble in the promo , I’d guess he’s safe. Not that I care too much.


Is that Matt or a giant piece of bearded bubble gum?


Matt was peppermint last night


It seems he’s dressing according to theme.


Bryan talked himself up so much as a dessert queen but he’s gone


All talk but no substance. Its easy when you are at home and you have all the time in the world to make each element


No doubt there will be some cliffhangers tonight, with everyone watching and waiting breathlessly to see who stuffs up the worst. Ice creams haven’t been too successful this season, floating or not.

However many theatrics there are, I hope the fellows can come up with words to describe their feelings other than “gutted” and “devastated”. Devastated is what you feel watching your house burn down, not how you feel when your jelly doesn’t set. Someone give these contestants a thesaurus.


A thesaurus and a reminder that theirs are well and truly first world problems.


I think I’m a headband Sam fan purely on the basis that he keeps his hair tied back, covered and out of the food.


JB, you wouldnt want to eat anything prepare by Bryan. It will have sweat and tear




Agree! Sam looks like he has washed his hands and tied back his hair neatly – gets my vote!


Did anyone else notice that halfway through Gary (who I’m disliking more and more) tells them to stop what they are doing and listen, then proceeds to inform them how little time they’ve got. I’ve seen him do it before and it just seems so ridiculous.


Saw that. Doesnt help at all unless he followed up by saying they are getting another 30 mins.

But that could be just BS. They all did finish.


I’m not totally hard hearted so yes it is sad that her parents had cancer but they survived – many of us have ‘battled’ cancer and those of us that live through it hardly view our survival as ‘tragic’ – must be slim pickings for back stories this year.


“Where does the pressure come from?” , George asked Bryan. It was a bloody pressure test! Come on, script it with a tad more plausibility to feign an excuse to cut in the family expectations story.


Those ridiculous edible balloons they had to create were beyond stupid and pointless since none of them could create the guest chef’s perfect balloon.Who takes 30 minutes to make a balloon. Just the ice cream please.
At least we don’t have to hear “The floating ice cream ” promo ever again!
I think Masterchef has definitely ‘jumped the shark’.


The first person to make and serve a hot dessert…wins Masterchef! (IMO)

Even an apple pie has to be deconstructed and decimated in the blast chiller.