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That’s a bit unfair to have to reconstruct a cake in a 4 and a half hour challenge in the second week of eliminations. Overkill much Shine.
Mind you his cakes look delicious.


Pressure test should be for the immunity pin.

Not sure I like to eat that cake. Jist too much in one slice


Judges would have been gagging having to “sample” it four times (including original). Cool to look at, doesn’t tempt me at all.


Interesting cakes but I think they are ugly.


18cm cake cost $220!!!


Given the amount of work, I don’t think that’s unreasonable…… but 18cm? I would hope that’s not the circumference. Even for height that’s not very tall. Wonder dimensions of the one in pressure test.


18cm is the diameter of the cake. I think the one in the pressure test is 20 or 22cm


Well the first sacrificial contestant is gone.

brain dead dave

Thanks for cumin, Pia. Loaded dice for oldies.


Contestants 40 years and over need not apply.


Pete burns his nuts twice!
Raj’s bottom crumb is too thick
Pia’s top merange is too soft!


I knew Pete would be safe but thought it would be Ray who goes. He seemed to have stuffed up more.
That cake almost looked too nice to cut. After all that work it seems a shame to cut it up.


I think a multi-layered, 12 recipe, 4.5 hour prep time cake is a bit much this early in the competition. I was surprised that all three put up reasonable reproductions.

Seeing some of the shots of the cheer squad on the balcony had me wondering who most of those people are.

Boo on George for his remark to Pia about “showing what mums can do”. I don’t think I’d noticed before how overtly sexist he is, probably because of the other inanities that he spouts.


Andy Bowdy should have had the contestants make this cake:
Vanilla Sponge, Matcha Mousse, yuzu jam, toasted coconut cream, salted caramel, coconut chew, milk crumb”

brain dead dave

“Seeing some of the shots of the cheer squad on the balcony had me wondering who most of those people are”

Yes. Feel as if I’m watching “My$terychef”. These are the culinary deplorables.

brain dead dave

Bowdy rock star chef whinged twice about a cake “bulging out at the sides”.

Gary and Jowl$y have been getting away with that for years.