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I tuned in tonight, while making dinner (sweet chili chicken burritos) to hear a teary Danielle confess not to understand how doors work.

This is a home renovation show, right? I’m just saying, this doesn’t bode well.

Meanwhile, is anyone else really looking to hearing the British guy tear this place apart? I am!


Nicole and Fiona – “It’s too easy to be ordinary. We’re risk-takers.”

That’s a funny way of saying, “We’re assholes”, but whatever.

Lawrence wins the comment of the night by saying that pieces of furniture chosen by the girls were “Satanic in their hideousness”. Someone call the fire brigade, because that is a *burn*.


Loved the out there judge. Honestly that living room was ten degrees of foul- it was such a mess it HAD to be hidden behind a wall.

I also think they are way off base with their argument about big laundry being necessary for a family. I’ve got a family and even a new house (architect designed too, bogans) and honestly I spend as little time as possible in the (large) laundry. It’s not like you have a mangle and clothes press and have to pound the clothes with stones by the river. Most people in 2017 just fling things into the machines and leave instantly!


Sorry, have to disagree. One of the best things we did in renos was put in a big laundry. Hides all the boring practical stuff like flysprays, cleaning products, first aid, plus we use ours to store bulk food etc. Stores the vacuum, ironing board etc. Big enough to do the ironing there. But, then, we are a big family, and dirty and clean washing overflows in our place.


By leaving the wall up, Fiona and Nicole are just ‘arksing’ for a low score from the judges and the owners

brain dead dave

The wall of denial that those Grumpians are hiding behind can’t hold up much longer with Laurence around.

He;s quite entertaining. Dunno about the judge who looks like Tom Petty. He’;s to counterbalance Laurence’s insults , I suppose.


Laurence adds color to the show. The Block needs someone like this.


You walk into that lounge room and feel like tidying it up. The judge that said it looked like the washing had been dumped on the couch nailed it.


Absolutely- what a tip.


Or the comment about someone sleeping the couch for the weekend was true too!!
The girls abviously have selective hearing to anything that goes against what they think!!
They just annoy me sooo much – if i was the other teams i would be aorried allowming them in to my house to renovate! And I can’t remember Fiona commenting on anything at her (brand new) house she didn’t like that wasn’t cosmetic, wasn’t it just paint colour or furniture choices? as wendy said, to go completely against what the owners want is just arrogant.


I thought the judges weren’t allowed to know who did what zone? And dragging out the homeowners scores until tomorrow night is ridiculous, we always used to see it in the previous years.
Even Jo doesn’t seem very happy this time around. I feel the show has been ruined.


I thought it must have been a mistake in the TV guide initially


That boho mess was truely hideous. None of it was good. Just sayin’


I liked the kitchen. It was too black but I still thought it looked wowee and not too messy!


I did like the kitchen, and actually, I thought the twins’ dining room was pretty cool.

But yeah, most of the teams screwed up on this one, big time. The lounge room was hideous (way to go, girls), the bonus room looked like something out of an asylum, and the master bedroom was *terrible*. Having the open wardrobe, and no door between the ensuite and bedroom, were terrible, terrible ideas. They’re not even ideas that seem like good ideas but were executed poorly. They were just terrible ideas right from the get-go.


I’m not a fan of all the black in the kitchen either but Kate and Harry did ask for a black kitchen, so points for sticking to the brief. The could have softened it a bit by making the bench tops white or something? However in other areas of the house, i think some couples added too much black just trying to be different but different isn’t good, if it looks crap!

I might have missed it Pandy did the judges comment on knowing who did a particular zone?


When judging the Twins zone, a judge commented that this team had the lowest score last week and had done so much better this week.


Thanks Julie, I missed that. I thought it was supposed to be completely blind judging… i was even a bit miffed at them knowing that it was the girls the choose not to remove the wall in the lounge room (but also pleased that it meant the twins wouldn’t get penalised for it).


I probably have prejudice here as I have a wall of very dark kitchen cabinetry- Dulux domino for anyone who speaks Paint, LOL – but we did white benchtops, and a row of entirely white cupboards to (hopefully) tone it down.
I agree with Erin, I personally think it is too much black, but overall I do think it was a ‘wow’ kitchen and compared to the rest of the house with the flung together tat – it was simply outstanding!


I hope at the end of tonight’s scoring those grumpians stay on the bottom of the leader board.
It was a shame the two had the bonus room scored so low but they tried to do too much and didn’t cut it. That bedroom was awful and they were warned about no cupboard doors and no ensuite door, if they have watched previous shows. The play room was a shocker, all those black balls on the walls, very claustrophobic.
The kitchen was standout but if they have had the pink splash back or some extra pink elsewhere it would have been great.
I was surprised with the boys dining room, well done to them.
Other than the tiny bit of boho in the dining room I failed to see any elsewhere in the house. They really lost the plot when it came to choosing it. GOOGLE, why didn’t they use google like the rest of the world if they didn’t know what boho was?
The living room was disastrous and I’m so happy those two bitches were brought undone, not that they will admit they were in the wrong. Stupid bloody laundry.
I was disappointed it didn’t end last night. Looking forward to tonight.


A play room for boys of all ages. Wasn’t that supposed to include Harry? What was in there for Harry except for a TV and where would he sit? The climbing wall was a joke. This total zone was terrible but I hope that they score better than the Arrogant Grumps so that those frumps wind up in the tent.
Why did they break the results up into two episodes? Just do less review and finish the reveal off in one episode.
I thought the boys would fail again but their two rooms were actually nice.


That bonus room looked like a padded cell – without the padding.
Love Lawrence with his plummy accent – like Jowlsy but with wit – he sounds Shakespearean but looks like one of the Three Muskateers.
Only one team can get their mortgage paid off; I thought the reward for the other contestants’ hard labour was to get a home reno out of it at least – you do mine, I’ll do yours. Since their request for an open plan setting was ignored, they would have to fork out to knock the wall down themselves and marry up the two rooms. I’m surprised the female judge gave them a five – which is a pass. I’d have failed them.
What’s with sleeping in a tent. Since it’s a home reno show where wacky is the byword, why can’t the producers commission a human sized doghouse, then Joanna Griggs can say to them “You’re in the Doghouse this week”. (I’m so literal).