Biggest Loser Transformed winner

Remember the old days when millions of people would tune in to the Biggest Loser finale to see many kilos contestants have dropped?
Those days are gone.
Instead they get a few minutes of glory on morning TV.
I didn’t watch it, so here are a few pix. And the winner is:

He looks great.

Here’s Sophia, who works at a pasta business in Adelaide (oh, the agony!):

Who knew weight loss made your teeth look like you polish with Mr Sheen! Here’s Simon:

Well done, Nikki.

Lisa-Faye looks the most different, to me, and she did not have the advantage of youth:

And boxer Brett:

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They all look so much healthier. Hard work and exercise pays off but you can achieve this without a reality show, you just have to want it bad enough.
I would have liked to see a picture of Anna, the paramedic who was unfairly booted off on the first elimination.

Calorie Loader

I’ve been searching for pics of ex contestants to add here too but nada. Lola, if you’re keen you could watch towards the end of the finale on ten catchup where i kid you not, everyone who has left gets a 5 second look in. Everyone is looking good (not as skinny as final 6 but looking healthy). Jenny, the paramedic said she’d just gone on a big endurance ride with her horse for the first time since shedding the weight and loved it. Anna, the apprentice butcher looked incredible in some skins like Libby wears. She was lifting some heavy weights in the gym looking very fit and healthy. She’s another one that left early and has put the hard yards in herself so good on her.

Calorie Loader

Here is my final recap-it’s as long as the finale.

Warning-may contain a LOT of flashbacks AND reality tv clichés. We start with the losers on their boat ride over with mutterings of the ‘journey of a lifetime’. Just looks like they’re going over Sydney harbour but OK. I wish I could say this was the first and last time we would see them on this boat but in some sort of sick torture method by channel 10, we see it replayed at LEAST 16 more times (one to show each person’s ‘journey’ and more for good measure).
We go through a montage of challenges-rolling in the mud features heavily where they begin looking like tribal people that have mutated into some strange swamp animals and the echoes of ‘I caaaaaan’t’ from Sophia. The initial Kayaking challenge over Sydney harbour’s shark infested waters is another favourite with Luke reminding everyone of the ever present fins. And Nikki ‘can’t wait ‘til she feels beautiful’. We relive Brettle winning the 50K or $50 (whatever they had left to give him), and yep, I didn’t imagine it first time round, they blew up office paper to celebrate.

Fiona and the trainers are welcomed into the cabin that is Studio 10 and perch on cheap fold-up director chairs. Head blondie drives the knife in, reminding Fiona about her initial weight loss, then a whole lotta gain. Fiona is obliged to say how much TBL changed her life forever (even though she has previously admitted the show was all about the numbers which weren’t sustainable once leaving the house). Speaking of rubbing salt into wounds, head blondie now blatantly asks Shannon why he thinks the show has been such a fail for viewers (not believing there are any actual viewers left and it’s just a private conversation). He says he believes its two things and goes on to talk about only one (the fact the viewers felt the show was too close for comfort having contestants at a much lower starting weight). I really don’t know what it was, but I don’t think they can put it all down to this. I think the fact of the matter is losing weight has lost its appeal, and people would rather watch lard being cooked and eaten by the three pigs on Masterfarce.

Apparently they have had 3 months at home before finale and lots of contact with the trainers to make sure they don’t fall back into old habits. Funny how we never see 10yr reunion shows though. They compare training styles (oh that reminds me, we didn’t get any train the trainer this year, which was always a highlight along with temptation) and blondie comes to the conclusion Shannon is only fit to train at Guantanamo Bay. We see my favourite part of this season again, where Shannon is caning the blues at the wharf making them carry each other up and down one at a time. The blues can’t work out the trick, having hands up all sorts of crevices as Shannon yells, ‘Why am I doing all the talking!! Boys on the corners ya numb nuts!’ They would have been too after this exercise.

Brett’s first up to be interviewed and needs no encouragement to get his kit off. This is turning into some bad late night telethon games with the same tag line, ‘doin it for the kids’. We have a montage of orgasmic groans with Libby saying, ‘that’s what we like to hear’-only for those still watching it was all the heaving and straining of training.

Lisa was next up and Dave described her well when he said all that was left of her was a pair of lips. In previous finales you’d be lucky to get even one or two contestants looking this trim, but this time they’re ALL looking extremely gaunt. Lisa says she now has a new job as a result of the show, and when Ita asks how the show helped her get it, she just tells us what the job is. Lynton is next and we see the hilarious footage of the day after the kayak challenge where his thinks his arms are paralysed and gets Brett and Simmo to dribble water down his neck for him. Shannon takes great delight in getting him to do some heavy dumbbell arm exercises for a nice recovery and Lynton holds them as far away from his body as possible like they might bite. Shannon says, ‘they’re not paralysed, they’re just sore bud!’.

Not expecting anything less from Studio 10, the first thing head blonde wants to know from Nikki is has Kyle seen her naked yet? Somehow we are meant to believe he never has even though they have a daughter together. We get a lot of self-love talk and ‘all I ever wanted was to be the best me I could be’. Are we even half way yet? This is nowhere near as entertaining as past finales where all the ex-contestants are present on stage and there are usually lots of camera pans where jealousy or fake happiness rears it’s head.
They do have a good 100% montage, with everyone’s overuse of the word, so at least they can make fun of themselves.

Simon is now nothing more than a collection of head spikes and a terrible fake tan. LOL, they have shown footage of Simmo in Simon’s segment. Guess not even the editing team have been watching. He really has changed. Ohhh cringe- Ita has just asked if Simon is ‘making whoopee’ as part of his new life (even head blonde is speechless). Simon, thinking he must have misheard says, ‘beg your pardon?’ and she just repeats it louder.

More group montages, and Brett is now howling like a big dog after winning another challenge. It’s all about the moiiind set according to contestants and trainers and any passers-by. Next it’s Sophia and now that we’ve covered shirtless and intrusive questions about intimacy, no daytime talk show would be complete without some awkward dance moves. Apparently token male host has liquid hips. After some bad samba we see he really means brittle hips.
Now they get the group together on stage and apparently it’s all about how you FEEEEL about yourself. Got absolutely nothing to do with the money as to why you would bear you soul to a whole nation (ok a few loyal viewers). ‘You’ve already all won’ says other blonde lady..’absolutely’ they all say shaking their heads. Lisa Faye says they’ll never go back. Some look more convinced than others.

Oh FFS, we’re back on the boat again, now revisiting ex contestants who get a maximum of 5 seconds airtime each. It turns out I didn’t imagine it the other day, they did not show Luke’s journey except in a photo with Amy. Amy sums up the experience for those who can’t quite comprehend what TBL is all about, ‘we knew our lives would be better but’s BETTER.’ Thanks Ames.
Trainers wank on about how they’ll be in the contestant’s lives ’til they’re on track. 100%. ‘Til your pay checks stop you mean. Actually they probably already have. We get the bras for life montage of Brett and Simmo. Heart warming.

They announce the voters have been counted (all six) and now the votes (also six), aaaaand it’s Lindt balls!!! Good on him-he appears to have changed his lifestyle the most dramatically and apparently he used to sleep at the airport before he could afford rental accommodation. His girlfriend rushes up and acts like she’s won. Head blonde asks how it will change their lives? One of them answers it will be life changing. Nice chat. Producers are doing circle movements with their hands to signal we’re wrapping up. The girlfriend says it means so much to them (who says she’s getting any?). Head blonde suggests he could spend it frivolously on a ring and he says, ‘I’d rather a holiday’.

Well that’s it for another year. Who knows if it’s IT IT. I hope not.

brain dead dave

That was a fun read wif me midnight snack. I’ll read it again in the morning. Youse gave 110% and done a awesome job. I’m orf back to the fridge again.

Calorie Loader

Fanks dave, much appreciated. Personally I enjoyed polishing off a nice chucken carcass while I watched (that was tossed by the auvales as anova live bugger butter looking chucken walked by).

Calorie Loader

You’re most welcome Juz, Cheers.

It’s catering management for vips in the new Perth Stadium (our new football grounds replacing what was Subiaco Oval). It’s capacity is meant to be 60 000 and doesn’t officially open until next year. She said it’s huge and will keep her moving.


What happened to this show? I could never find it in the tv guide – did they stop showing it after the first week?

brain dead dave

It was “transformed ” to daytime viewing at 1.00 and slowly ate itself.