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I am recording this one and watched episode 1 tonight. I am not what to think of it yet…it goes for 30 minutes and it is one cusine each week. Vietnamese this week. The chefs from a top restaurant challenge home cooks. Tonight it was the apprentice chef cooking against 4 home cooks. The chefs line is the chef structure in the restaurant . So each night a different chef cooks against the home cooks starting with the apprentice working up the line to the head or executive chef. The dish was spring rolls. . A home cook won. The apprentice was 2nd. The lowest judged dish sends the cook home.
It was strange watching a real cooking show…no bitchiness or fake drama. No nastiness. Just cooks, good food and judges 🙄


I am recording the show too. Just wondering. Since it is blind tasting, what happens if the worst dish is from someone from the kitchen? They cant send that person home.

brain dead dave

They’ll ring up the Ma$terchef or MKR producers and ask how to edit it out.


Thanks, Jewels. Sounds good.


wow is this Australia’s first gay cooking show?


I have now watched the 1st 5 shows of the Chef’s Line and I hate to say it, but it is a little bit boring. It is also very over the top with a gay kind of overtone.
(I have nothing against gay, they are people just like you and me….I do dislike over the top people, gay or otherwise.)
But I will watch the next 5 this week, as it may pick up when they all work out what they are doing.
Good news, the Brits do cooking shows really well. I just finished there Professional Masterchef, and this week there Celebratory Masterchef starts.


I enjoy Prof MC & Celebrity MC. I like the judges/hosts except for Gregg Wallace.
I am currently watching the new season of MC UK (regular version).
I watched the first 2 episodes of Chefs’ Line and I agree with you, Jewels, that it’s a bit boring. I do like the fact that the judge does a blind tasting.


Ok…I admit it, this show is growing on me. We have just had Italian week and the show is getting more watchable. The blind tastings are good as the real chefs are having a battle as they are not always winning the challenges. Tonight a home cook beat the Executive chef of the Italian restaurant line up. Is anyone else watching this show?


I record the shows and watch during the weekend.
I do like the doable dishes in each round and also learn more about each cuisine. There are few recipes that I like to cook.


I’m very much behind on Chefs Line. I am up to African week. I am starting to like the show better. I enjoy that they are all cooking the same cuisine and am learning about foods I have never heard of.


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