Survivor GameChangers (and Debbie’s Ponderosa)

We’re getting down to the end of GameChangers now, and both Cirie and Aubry are still in it. But Aubry has barely made the edit, so I feel she can’t win.
Andrea can’t last much longer – she’s making herself too much of a target. Really, they should all be trying to get out Cirie but, as always, no-one seems to notice what a threat she is.
And we have three idols (Tai 2, Troyzan 1) still in play, plus Sierra’s secret advantage PLUS Sarah’s extra vote. That’s a lot of potential twists or, based on past seasons, anticlimaxes.
Here’s Debbie’s Ponderosa video.

If you haven’t seen it, please do watch it just to see Hali’s face when Debbie is describing her exercise routine.

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