No MKR tonight

Just a reminder there’s no MKR for a week. It’s back Easter Mon, when the Seafood King cooks. Urgh.
So, what IS on?
I recommend The Lego Movie on Go! at 7pm or House Hunters Renovation on 9 Life at 7.30pm.
Or the ABC has Attenborough’s Life That Glows: “Join Sir David Attenborough and a team of the world’s leading scientists and deep sea explorers on a quest to reveal the secrets of living lights.”

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brain dead dave

A night without the Seafood ****.


Something for MKR contestants to aspire to? Frozen mousse cigars being my favourite of this hilarious critique.


I can’t quite work out what Manu is saying – in the ads for next week – when he says “and you will take this apart” or something like that. I know he’s giving Josh a serve but …..?


I heard Maniu said “If you are sitting here, you will take this apart ”

The dish must be bad and Manu is going to give it a bad crituque

brain dead dave

I thought he said `” If you are sitting ear, you wheel tack dis ape heart”


Still can’t work it out! Manu and Pete are wearing shirts, perhaps on a fishing trawler! I expect we’ll have to wait and see


They were at Cable Beach. Very hot in summer.