New show: Instant Hotel

This sounds kind of interesting. I wonder if it’s sponsored by Airbnb?

Here’s the blurb from Channel 7:
Travelling the country in his work as an actor and television presenter, Luke Jacobz knows a thing or two about what makes a good hotel. Now he’s looking to put those years of research to good use as
host of Channel Seven’s new competition series, INSTANT HOTEL.
Tapping into the world-wide trend of home-owners renting out their properties as holiday accommodation, INSTANT HOTEL will see home owners vie for the title of best ‘instant hotel.’
Personal taste, precious belongings and price point are all open for judgement as teams travel the country and stay in newly created ‘hotels.’
“I’ve stayed in some of the best and worst hotels in the world,” says Luke who recently returned from Los Angeles to host the series. “But I think even the most mediocre hotel rooms can be improved with
the right personal touches.
“I’m really keen to see what lengths teams will go to in transforming their homes in order to give other teams a taste of that hotel experience. And it’s going to be great to be a fly-on-the-wall when personal
taste is not to everyone’s taste!”
Luke is well-known to Australian audiences for his work on Home and Away, The X Factor and Dancing with the Stars which he won in 2008.
Joining Luke on INSTANT HOTEL is series judge Juliet Ashworth who will score each hotel out of 10.
Juliet is an award-winning designer who’s worked on over 100 projects across Australia and Asia.
A former editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Juliet is now partner and creative director of an internationally noted design company specialising in luxury hotels and resorts.
“I’ve stayed in a number of homestay properties around the world – some fantastic and some not so fantastic – so I think this is a great opportunity to show people who are wanting to rent out their own
home, what works and what doesn’t!
“Everyone has different ideas on what makes a stylish home but, when you’re charging people to stay there, certain rules must apply. I’m looking for cleanliness, comfort and reasonable value for money.”
Instant Hotel is created by Seven Productions and will screen on Channel Seven in 2017.

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It is always difficult to pin point what makes a reality show a hit.
In what world would you have thought that we would all want to watch a bunch of amateur cooks being judged by two professional cooks and a food critic. And much as I complain about the judges, I tune in every season – for no reason that I can articulate.