MKR Sunday – super dinner party II

My Kitchen Rules starts tonight at 7pm, with another dinner party. No doubt it will be 70% drama, 20% musical interludes and 10% cooking.
It’s Della and Tully’s turn and I really hope they can keep cool heads this time, because they are such likeable people.

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I just cant stand David. As if he knows the fish sauce is Squid brand. A birdy told hi


We sure hate David too- talentless hack. St least Betty can cook. He’s useless.



brain dead dave

Pete~ “You did a pork for us”. Is he joshing us?

David’s unbearable. Gangnam style was an awful waste of life. Ha$htag die.


In one of Josh’s rare good moments, I did like him calling David out on his nonsense.

But channel 7 is obsessed with this guy. We hear more from him than we do from Pete and Manu. It’s just annoying me, now. Not only do I not care what Josh thinks about every little thing, but if I saw him walking down the street towards me, I’d cross the street to avoid him. If I knew him, I’d change my number and move suburbs to get away from him. My gosh, this end of this season cannot get here fast enough.


Both those seafood entrees looked sooo delicious.


I love bugs – they did look divine!


More Asian flavours tonight.


I don’t care what Josh has to say about:
– Dalla & Tully’s last instant restaurant
– Pork
– Seafood (ffs!)
– his wife

I JUST DON’T WANT TO SEE OR HEAR HIM ANYMORE! Seriously, I am so done with his face, his voice, his comments. He’s not witty, he’s not smart, he has no knowledge about food what-so-ever. MKR will loose big for dragging him and his wife (who is totally ok with his dickish behaviour when it’s not her getting insulted).
Thank god there’s Masterchef Canada to watch until MasterchefAU starts. I’m done.

Oh, and David’s a dick, too.


From an article by Ben Pobjie in the SMH ‘The Guide’ titled A New Order of ‘real’ TV Talent.
What can you say about Josh? MKR specialises in showcasing the country’s least pleasant people, but with Josh they struck gold; the ultimate combination of utter ineptitude, overweening unjustified confidence, and jaw-dropping ability to inspire hatred in others. A “seafood king” who can’t cook fish and won’t stop hurling abuse at his fellow contestants and wife, Josh is a favourite due to our slavering anticipation of the moment he suffers a crushing defeat. A shame he can only be kicked out once.
The future holds……Josh’s Losses, a show where every week Josh tries to master a new skill and fails miserably.”

Despite what the headline “My Kitchen Rules ‘villain’ Josh spills on why he and Amy separated” says…..they separated for a week after filming.


In that article, the wanker is referred to as “aspiring chef”. That gave me a laugh. The only thing he should aspire to is being a decent person, but I doubt he has the self-awareness or mental acuity to attempt that.

I tried to watch last night. I made it as far as when the idiot proclaimed that it looked as though Della and Tully were looking after the seafood king. He then beamed his supercilious smirk around the table…and that was more than enough for me to change the channel. How I would love to reach through the tv screen and slap that look off his face.

brain dead dave

I switched over to MKR during an ad break and sure enough Josh was waffling on. Ch 7 don’t get that he couldn’t attract flies to a shitfight. I haven’t missed this many episodes for many at least five years. It makes Ma$terchef look a lot better than it really is, too.