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She honestly didn’t believe she looked good in this?


It is very 1920’s…looks good on her.


The colours are beautiful.

brain dead dave

Tiffin Room or Biffin’ Room?


I couldn’t stop myself giggling when the blonde old duck said that everybody probably thought she was a bitch.

I promise I don’t think that she’s a bitch. That would require her to show emotion, and that would’ve been botoxed out of her a *long* time ago.


Bambi never eaten prawns before. Such good standard in a cooking comp. Wait!!!! I forgot that this is not a cooking show


No, it’s Who Do You Think You Are?


I thought mum and daughter can do better but failed big time with dessert. The judges were generous with their scores for the dessert.


You could MAYBE get away with that purple turban at the Melbourne Cup, and that is all. Those 2 are too dizzy to take seriously.

The old blonde duck makes me laugh Windsong. Along with the pinch-faced friend. I like how they’re described as ‘business owners’. Have they what sort of business/s? I think I’ll describe myself that way from now on- I’ve got an ebay account and a tonne of shit around the house- that’s a business, yes?

Goat curry can be delish, but it’s the only thing you can do with goat to make it edible. I once bought half a goat, all chopped into lovely pieces, and the only nice thing I made was curry from the leg. Everything else tasted gamey and soapy. Unless you love that gamey flavour goat is actually pretty nasty.


Goat pie is yum but you are right – it has to be stewed for ages


I”m finding the “business owners” so repellent I’m not sure I can bear to watch on Sunday.

brain dead dave

The old ducks are also being billed as Desperate Housewives from Wollongong.

The one who’s proud to be a bitch is a “licence conveyancer”. It appears from a promo that at least one course crumbles.


I gave this episode about half an hour, then switched over to a movie on cable. The mother and daughter seem to be the most likeable team, this round, but there was *way* too much, “We’re doing this for dad!” condensed into a small time frame, and I couldn’t deal with it at all.

I’m looking forward to seeing the old ducks cook, on Sunday night, but mostly due to a profound sense of relief, that these IR rounds will finally be over.


Maybe they will be doing a 4th round. Just to annoy us all….


PLEASE….NO 4th round AND no 2nd chance kitchen.
Looks like at least one course goes bad for the Sourpusses. Hope it’s more than one.
I thought judges were going to give the dessert a 1. The dessert wasn’t at all what it was supposed to be so how does one even give that a 3.
I do like mom and daughter, though. Favorite team of this round.


I think the judges were a little harsh in their criticism of the entree. Colin wanted enough chili in it to blow the top of his head off and whined because it wasn’t cooked that way. Well-cooked prawns with garlic and chili seems like a good dish to me; it doesn’t have to be so spicy that it overpowers the taste of the prawns. And of course most of the contestants then echoed Colin’s opinion, because god forbid any of them have an original thought.

At least these two had some cooking knowledge, and managed to serve two good courses. I was screaming “just smash them” at the daughter, though, while watching her so carefully chop off the ends of every garlic clove, then meticulously peel each one with her fingernails. Along with handing each team two sets of sharp knives, they should throw in a five minute course on basic knife usage.


And the mum also made the paneer from scratch, that definitely has deserve a point a two. I think it was a nice starter and the prawns were well marinated.