MKR Sun night cookoff

It’s the two teams whose names I don’t know (all credit to them – it means they must not be dicks) in an elimination cookoff in Kitchen HQ.

The husband and wife team are making scallops with a fig salsa and a hot sauce for entree. Not sure how everyone is meant to taste the beautiful flavour of scallop with all that added to it.
The guys are making lobster bisque. They seem to be struggling with time management.
Hubby sprinkles the scallops with sugar and on the sidelines the teams grimace. And then he pours runny ice cream into the red silicone moulds of death. It does not bode well.
Urgh – the edit is using a lot of Josh (wearing a fish-patterned shirt) commenting on the sidelines. Time to fast forward.
The judges taste the bisque and they like it, but it’s a bit grainy because they didn’t strain it enough. The lobster is perfect.
Guy says the scallop is properly cooked but they are not fans of the sugar and say it’s a confused dish.

For mains the guys are doing cotoletta (Italian schnitties) with polenta and broad beans while the others make venison and mushroom roulade on sweet potato puree with mulberry sauce (sounds like a lot could go wrong and, again, a lot of flavours in one dish). The guys’ cannolis are sticking to the metal tubes, so they have to make more. The other team adds truffle paste to their puree and, as Della rightly points out, they are going fancy for the sake of it. And then they run out of pate for their roulade – they only have enough for 12 but run out at 11. Well, unroll some of the first ones and scrape a bit off, gice!
How many times have we seen teams come a cropper because they tried to create dishes that were too complex and ended up doing a lot of things really badly.
The plating of the venison is good but the cotoletta looks super inviting.
The judges think the venison dish is old school and has clashing flavours. The truffle paste overwhelms everything and they’ve tried to be too fancy, sacrificing flavour.
The cotoletta is really well received. “Is it too simple?” Manu asks in an attempt to fool us. The boys will be safe unless their dessert is completely inedible.

The lads are serving their cannoli with dark choc mousse but they still have to cook another batch of shells. Hubby is not happy with the thickness of their bickies for ice-cream sandiwches, so he tries cutting with a knife and then microplaning them. What the heck! Why not just turn the bickies into a crumb and say it’s deconstructed? They look rather odd.

(Sorry for the pic of Josh but I wanted to show the dessert.)

The judges really like the flavour and the idea of the peanut butter and jelly ice-cream sanger but the biscuit is a bit thick.
We don’t know what the judges thought of the cannoli because they are doing the cliffhanger thing. I reckon they’ll be fine.

Hubby and wife: Colin 6, Guy 6, Karen 6, Liz 5, Manu 6, Pete 6. 35/60
Boys: The judges lurrrvve the cannoli. The boys are easily safe. Colin 7, Karen 8, Liz 8, Guy 8, Manu 8, Pete 8. 47/60

The mega dinner parties begin.

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And be sure to stay tuned afterwards for Sunday Night’s exclusive no-holds-barred interview with Pete Evans!

I couldn’t switch my TV off fast enough.


Me too!


Yep i went to watch Nashville.


I watched the Pete Evans interview wih an open mind but came away with the impression that none of the criticisms made of him were resolved. Quite the opposite – he came across as being a narcissistic whako!


Thanks Tony. Good of you to take one for the team and watch it so the rest of us didn’t have to.


Ditto – we jumped ship immediately too- couldn’t bear to hear bronzed paleo Pete spruiking his bat shit crazy views.

brain dead dave

Pete Evans didn’t make a great impression. Blue eyes burning bright but nobody home. Pretentious smile. A history of not paying his bills. Running a food cult.

A con artist at work. Simple home crooking.


BUT Pete says it didn’t have anything to do with him!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think he may be telling fibs.


Thanks for the recap Juz because I fell asleep watching. I think that says something about this season. I’m not sorry to see the end of the “first loves” – I didn’t dislike them but they couldn’t cook and were somewhat dull.


Yep – we only watched tonight as there was nothing else. And even then only came in after ABC news! Can’t raise interest in it.


With 9 teams left, my top 5 are:

Kyle and Tim
Valeire and Courtney
David and Betty
Tyson and Amy
Court and Duncan


I think they dont one another team that cook Asian to win.


I really want the hashtags to go. They #annoythefuckingcrapoutofme

I honestly don’t know who I want to win, LP. I’m impressed you were able to list their names because I would struggle!