MKR – Sun elimination challenge

Tonight on My Kitchen Rules it’s Amy and Uber Tyson versus Tasweigans Damo and Caz in an elimination challenge at Kitchen HQ.
It looks like Tyson is making some kind of curry – yum – which we’re led to believe gives them grief. I hope they don’t go – they are far better cooks and more entertaining TV than the perfectly pleasant Tassie couple.

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Actually every time they said Angry Angry Man, I just see the same expressionless Tyson. The voiceover is only trying to mess with our heads.

Now when they show Amy (not the seafood king Amy) I can see her trying hard to hide her smile. Not that evil.

I also want them to stay.


Again one of the bambi has never eaten fishcake. Why is she in a cooking comp


I wish they had mentioned – just once – that the other people were from Tasmania.
Those little details are endlessly interesting to viewers – I base my whole barracking decisions for teams on titbits like that.


Damo has made cinnamon ice-cream dozens of times perfectly – whenever they say something like that it foreshadows a certain disaster.

brain dead dave

Both teams have failed. The excitement is unbearable.


Where is the foaming gun?

Also I am sick of Fake Josh. No personality at all and there is more than 1 team on MKR. Hope he is gone by end of this week.


I’m absolutely with you LP. No personality, nothing said worth hearing, aesthetically unappealing and has shown no talent for cooking. I really don’t understand why they’re keeping him.


Desperate to see that smirk wiped off his face!


Why do they keep featuring him? Just want him gone.


I got so bored I watched a movie on cable, and switched back in time for the scores.

I’m gonna miss Damo and Caz. They were a decent, nice couple, and apparently that’s a rare thing for the channel 7 casting department.

Meanwhile, spoiler alert for tomorrow night’s episode. Apparently Josh is still an asshole! Stop the presses.

Gosh this season has been uninteresting.


Josh and Hashtaggers just keep parroting the “Tyson’s gonna pop” line. I felt sorry for Amy and Tyson. The stress of cooking on TV is getting to them – they have some interesting ideas and understand cooking techniques. How many times have we seen poached pears cause issues on cooking shows? What do people still do them in time sensitive situations?


Don’t you just wish that somebody would pop Josh?


We were thinking the same thing Juz- they say risotto is the death dish but as soon as I heard poached pears I thought ‘oh. They are gone’.
It is very hard to raise enthusiasm – kids are watching I’m a celebrity and it’s a more cheerful mindless entertainment than this manufactured faux drama crap.

brain dead dave

I ended up watching a lot of MAFS last night because MKR was so “average” and like many others i couldn’t care less for what that turd Josh has to say about proceedings . Flush him soon, Ch 7.


That is why MAFS is rating better than MKR. C7 has gone too far with the fake drama and pettiness. Serve them right. They are now below average.


Josh has tried to up his air time by being awful. Looks like it’s working. Luckily he’s got a rock solid marriage with a loving wife who supports him. … oh, wait.


Goss mag has this story:

MKR villain Josh’s relationship with wife Amy on ‘rocky ground’ after reports of ‘heated spats’ during filming


Oh no! I don’t like him one bit but its sad when marriages don’t work out due to tension on set/ during filming. Reminds me of past couples aka reality ‘stars’ (obviously using this term loosely) like mean Brooke and Grant and Candy and Ryan from House Rules.


That’s true, but honestly, she’s probably better off without him.


Yes – no-one likes to see a relationship fail but better for Amy to be single than to put up with being treated badly.


I only see bits and pieces now that Wanker has reared his ugly head again. But I watched most of it last night, and barely remember the Tassie couple. Both teams had so many elements to deal with that it was a toss up to see who was going to have the most failures.

Tyson and Amy are more interesting to watch, so I suppose I’m pleased they are still in.

MKR obviously decided Wanker is the golden boy this season, and I won’t be watching much since he is featured so often. Why he is still referred to as the seafood king is beyond me; he has proved he can’t cook seafood, or even a sausage sandwich. He and Mrs. Wanker are the most dislikeable, obnoxious team ever. Their prominence has turned me off the whole show.

Way to stuff up a mildly entertaining “cooking” show, Channel 7.

Ma Chook

Rissotto, poached pears death dishes???!! How about ice cream. Can you believe how many teams have stuffed up their icecream!!!


Yes! For some reason the ice cream always fail. Also why cant they do something else beside ice cream for dessert.


I think the producers have someone turn up the temperature on the freezer. 🙂


Oh yes. But we should be careful – once they realise ice cream is unachievable we will be treated to a never ending run of parfait spheres. That’s what happened on Masterchef when they realised ice cream was a dud dish.


Snap! No! Please no more sperses or parfaits