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We realise that most people here are Team Vanessa but she really is a bitch.
Vanessa once again reminds the audience that communication is important to her and moans about Andy’s silence.

She can’t read him she wails as he is choking up and blinking back tears. (Vanessa, 93% of communication is non-verbal).

He is a ‘gentle soul’ but ‘I want to help you but I don’t know how.’ Then to really kick Andy she continues, “I hope he can learn from this experience.”

She has viewed herself as a martyr coupled with someone who is defective and reminded Andy of that at every single opportunity.


Super awkward:


Apparently Cheryl has named her two “boobs” – Jonathan is on the right and Andrew is on the left. Notice how everyone is oh-so-carefully not touching anyone else.


Bob and Jane and Ted and Alice


That was good tonight. I see Nadia as a bit of a looking for a soft place to land type. She seemed to become more interested in Anthony only after she needed a new place to live.
Anthony wants cake. He wants a dependant girl who looks up to him and waits on him like a domestic godess, but also an independant, focussed career woman who is self reliant. What a shock to Nadia after Ant professing they he would be the provider to find him wanting to peel her fingers off and run.
As for Vanessa, I don’t have much opinion. I think she wanted it to work so she kept tring to make Andy into an image of what she wanted. Andy did talk, but perhaps only when she prodded. I didn’t find his lack of speech the issue as much as how he didn’t give off much emotion. He expressed enthusiasm, love anger all with the same dead pan expression. But if you knew a Vanessa then it probably hits more of a nerve and you have more insight.
I have known a couple of Nadias.


Vanessa talked far too much. She had no idea about reading Andy’s non verbal cues. She talked a lot but was poor at communicating with a quiet and reserved person.
Andy needs someone kinder and less self absorbed.

Couldn’t really take to Nadia or Anthony- didn’t care about either one of them .


Nadia and Anthony: He just wants to be in control, he wants to be the one to make all the decisions, he wants to be the one to do the dumping. I don’t know if Nadia was just shocked but if i was her, and all of a sudden he is going on about his lifestyle isn’t suitable for a relationship, i would be asking him why he went on the show in the first place.
Vanessa and Andy: I get that he is quiet etc, nothing wrong with that (thou how the producers cast someone who doesn’t speak is beyond me) – however when they made the decision to breakup – Vanessa talked about how kind he was etc etc and i felt like he didn’t respond with the same sentiments. Also if she hates long distance she should have made it clear she didn’t want to do it form the start.
Simon and Alene: not sure where she was getting the “i don’t want to do this anymore” vides, i was getting the feeling that Simon wanted one of them to make the move ASAP.
Sharon and Nick: so cute! not much more to say about that!


Maybe the producers thought it would be fun and problematic to put a massive introvert together with a massive extrovert. As for non verbal cues from Andy, I think that was worse than his not speaking. He was like the cardboard cut outs at the movies. I could take the non speaking more than I could take the lack of facial expression. He was probably a really nice guy but I would need more sparkle. Some laughs, some smiles, some signs of a pulse. They weren’t suited, but clearly there are girls who would like his style. I think they both reslly tried but Vanessa should have been less desperate for a guy and let him go sooner.
The only time we saw Vanessa throughout the show she was pressing Andy to speak. Every conversation we saw was, “Why don’t you speak”. I reckon I would know after week one that wasn’t going to fly. But they were the only conversations we saw from them. I would like to see the out takes before I could have an opinion on Vanessa but Andy seemed like a nice guy, but too dead pan dull for my taste.
Maybe for the right girl, Andy would have come out of his shell more.

But I am happy for any or all of you to disagree with my take. It’s why not everyone likes bananas.


We are not saying that Andy is a saint (there was a comment on DM that he has a gym bunny)but he was portrayed as having a fundamental character flaw (personally we would be more concerned with issues stemming from the brain injury and service) that was something he could “get over” if he would “come out of his shell”.

The experts (extrovert/introvert match was never going to work) treated the introversion/shyness (we know the terms are not interchangeable) as irredeemable and Vanessa as some sort saviour. Vanessa was never placed in the position where she was forced to listen and realise that she talks too much and tends to dominate. (With someone like that, there really isn’t much point in speaking anyway).

She knew that pressing him on being quiet upset him. Yet she pushed and pushed. Her family said, he is not as quiet as you make out and he does talk but she did not listen. Her Dad said not to bring it up and she did not listen.

Her final comments about him were patronising about how she hoped the experiment “helped” him. Hopefully, the experiment “helped” Vanessa to take a breathe and let someone else talk.

We don’t think Andy is shy. We just don’t think that V&A offered that much entertainment value compared to the Cheryl/Andrew swapping partners drama and Michelle slowly torturing deluded Jesse. For the quieter couples (or any participant who does not have an eye on a post-MAFS media career) there was no point performing for the camera but let things simmer along and see what happens after the cameras stop rolling to make decisions.


Yeah, I know. So good tv. The producers love this. I’m not saying Andy is bad wither. He just wouldn’t suit me. But neither wld any of them.
If I had to choose one of those guys………, I can’t do it.
Maybe Jesse with his door because then I could leave.


The farting would be an issue for me – door or no door.
How can he have got to this age without realising that it’s not polite (or tolerable), (or funny).


Oh yeah, and I forgot he poops with the door open. He loves his open doors.