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We now know why the ‘experts’ paired interstate couples, so they could sell advertising space to Apple and Skype.

There is a reason why Vanessa is single! Geez, Andy has booked a trip to Everest which interrupts her timeline to move-in together. She can’t have a relationship apart as that is not what ‘normal’ couples do. Two points 1) That trip to Everest would have been booked before A met V 2) Andy was in the army. What would she do if he was still serving?

Her MO seems to be that if she doesn’t get her way, she reverts back to bitching about how introverted he is and how he doesn’t understand her.


Yep lots of product placement in this show

brain dead dave

Vanessa would change Andy’s personality~ if he had one.


Slow clap for Nadia for extending her 15 minutes of fame.

brain dead dave

For her fifteen minutes Nadia will cop Anthony calling her frigid, no boobs and directionless on national television, yet she stands by her alleged man.


Whaat?? Now Anthony is being frigid.
I don’t know how Andy and Vanessa can work. Do they have skype on top of Mount Everest? Feel free to be team Andy, but imo he needs to thaw out, and going to the Himalayas won’t help. He doesn’t need to talk more, just wake up from his semi coma. He’s like a zombie. He doesn’t have to talk more, just brighten up.
I will say it again, I hope next year they put people together who aren’t foomed to fail due to distance.
Sorry about Nick’s Dad. MN is really, horrible.


I wonder why Andy is so semi-comatose. I wonder if his mum might have done all of his talking for him and sucked out any sparkle. He seems like a really nice guy but is like he is sleep walking.
We didn’t even get to see any facets of Vanessa other than, “TALK TO ME, ANDY”.


Last night I realised Andy is 6 foot, 7 inches, hairy faced, bench presses old growth trees for fun and mumbles incoherently. No wonder Vanessa is ambivalent, her perfect match is …. Chewbacca!

Here is Chewbacca’s newly-wed diary for the next six months:
April: Solo climb Mt Everest
June: Trek to North Pole
August: Begin training camp for one way trip to Mars

Somehow, I don’t have a good feeling about this relationship.

During their eight weeks together, Andy did attempt, on numerous occasions, to apprise Vanessa of his plans – he just couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

We see MAFS’s closest and most enduring couple: the Twins. Sharon lives in a light, bright, stylish modern abode and is a Business Manager. Michelle lives in what looks like a cheap rental and is a Commercial Cleaner. Sharon was given a tall romantic guy. Michelle got a friendly dwarf.

I’m guessing Sharon is the older twin. No wonder Michelle’s been slyly Snap Chatting-up Nick. When Nick’s father has his diagnosis confirmed, Michelle will be on the first red-eye out to console Nick. What? She’s just a concerned and caring sister-in-law.

Meanwhile Nick has gone all contemplative and looks to be in denial mode about his father’s condition, saying dad “supposedly” has Motor Neurone Disease and that hopefully, the specialists have got it wrong. This is perfectly understandable as it is a HUGELY LIFE CHANGING EVENT, unlike fake-marrying a stranger for eight weeks.

If someone tips a bucket of ice water over Nick, I will donate to the cause.

Ever since Sean returned to the farm, he has been horse-riding, just not with Susan any more. Luckily we are spared any flashback footage of them playing “horsies” together.

Back in his home environment, Anthony is surrounded by many, many images to remind him of his one true love: all those reproductions of horses on the wall – even a horse cushion on the sofa! Oh, and the producers thoughtfully placed a photo of Nadia in there as well.

As we saw in Sunday’s ep, Nadia has been skying him whilst lying on her pure white bed or sitting on her white sofa in the white walled lounge with floor to ceiling white louvre window shutters. Then donning her pristine white lacy outfits and meeting her girlfriends, who are not allowed to wear white. Amber Sherlock would totally approve.

No wonder Anthony is backing away – he is too afraid of getting the teensiest stain on Nadia’s spotless white upholstery. Tonight’s cliff hanger is seeing Nadia jet off to hopefully wrangle a Napisan sponsorship. That would be her happily ever after.


Are you suggesting that Nadia works for Virgin? πŸ™‚

brain dead dave

Vanessa’s worried about Chewbacca hooking up with a female Yeti on the Everest trip..


Ali O, I just read your comment to my hairdresser (because we were talking MAFS highlights) and he loved it. This is from Dsmien….. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Chewbakka. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I just got as far as Chewbakka. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You hit the nail on the head.


Ha ha. Ali O. You are the Master. You should do a recap sometime.


Yes, indeed. I’ll pencil you in for next season, Ali-oops


Best read/recap, Alio. Ant looks like a bastard now doing a flip, but White Nadia had “yes, yes” on her lips but “No No” written all over her face and body.

I noticed back on the farm, Sean had his favourite Dad and Dave outfit on. He needs a girl called Mabel. Let’s see; the offerings were Dad &Dave, Chewbakka, Nick the Boozy Bogan, Controller Ant, Downright Bastard Andrew Jones, “It doesn’t work unless you both love each other” Jesse ( he actually told us that kast night), a Stripper and Narcissist Johnathan. The girls will be rushing to sign up for love in the next season. Oh and Simon, who found his mother. I didn’t mind these two. Nadia will make a good mum for Simon. She can poke him and he can poke her.


Out if curiosity, what does Michelle do for a living? Does anyone know?


If I heard correctly. One doppleganger has her own industrial cleaning company. The other came back from travelling and works for her sister. So both in cleaning. At the start they were shown working together. How does that work for their nails?


Thanks for that Daisy. ‘much appreciated. πŸ™‚


Only $4000, thought she’d have gone for more!


So not worth it.