MKR – Della and Tully cook

Despite Seven’s promo’s it’s not Mrs Spew cooking tonight – it’s Della and Tully. I reckon they will do well.

So just ignore this promo.
Promo here

Della and Tully are BFFs from Queensland. Tully works in indigenous health and Della is a construction lawyer. Google explains this latter profession to me thus: A construction lawyer provides expert advice in the areas of law relating to building, construction, and engineering and associated industries. Construction is Australia’s largest industry.

Entree is chargilled quail with couscous, pomegranate, feta and mint. Sounds delicious – but the judges are worried there may not be a soz.
Smoked duck with beetroot, grapes and cherries. It’s good they’ve kept it vague – smart move in case elements go pear shaped and they can’t put them on.
Dessert is orange cake with yoghurt sorbet and Della is using her Maltese grandma’s cake recipe.
They get through the shopping in good time and get home to set up their boho restaurant in what looks to be a gorgeous backyard. They start cooking bang on time – hooray, organised people.
I hope cooking the mini orange cakes so early isn’t a mistake. Being so small they could well dry out, and it’s not like they would take that long to cook in the final prep time.

The guests arrive and Mrs Spew isn’t impressed by the boho vibe of the spectacular set up – she’s more a fine dining girl.

Oh no, the girls are having trouble with the couscous. It’s written on the packet, girls! (I just boil the kettle and chuck it all in a large tupperware container to steam – easy!) The pressure is getting to them. Pete and Manu arrive and there are no wardrobe disasters tonight.

In the kitchen the girls are having soz dramas and keep having to add sugar to their pomegranate glaze. Della heads out to the barbie to grill the quail but she seems to be struggling a little with managing so many birds at once.
At the table, Deckhand Model says he’s happy to lowball scores even if his wife disagrees. Kind Court responds with: “Where’s your pride if you’re scoring people poorly and overriding your wife and her opinion? I think people that score strategically need a kick in the shins.”
Meanwhile, Della realises some of her quail is undercooked. Uh oh – shouldn’t have walked away from them, Della, and you had the heat up too high! Get it together – I want you girls to do well. She chucks them back on the grill. They get everything on the plate and their glaze is caramelising as they pour. Oh dear.

Mr Tool (aka Physio Matt) is not happy because he is being forced to eat carbs. Guess he could run to the loo for a spew, as his wife did.
Pete’s quail is too raw for him to eat and the soz was too reduced. Manu says it needed a minute more on the barbie.
What a shame.

Over dinner chat, Mrs Spew reveals she met Mr No Carbs at a seafood festival and proceeded to shove him against a wall and pash him. Lovely.
In the kitchen, Della is starting to crack when she realises her duck isn’t cooked enough in the smoker. She has a little moment but pulls herself together and the ducks looks fine in the end.
Does it need a crunchy element, though?

“This is what I was expecting from you two,” says Pete. He and Manu think they had too many components, though, and should have ditched the aioli and maybe the grapes. Pete reminds them there is a cheffy trend to only have three things on a plate.

The girls are making a fruit salad to go with their orange cake and yoghurt sorbet when Pete pops in to remind them to keep it simple, stupid.
Tully dishes some tough love on Della and tells her to dish the fruit salad that was created by her 100 aunties named Theresa. Instead they make some candied oranges and an orange syrup for moisture. But Tully decides the syrup is too much. They plate up and it looks fine but the so-called caramelised orange looks rather thick and sloppy.

The judges are going to say it was too dry. Manu says the sorbet was a bit icy and the cake too dense. Pete likes that they showed restraint but he wishes they’d put soz on to add moisture. Manu says the caramelised orange was not cooked long enough. Pete: “I don’t think we’ve seen the best of you tonight.”


Sisters 5
Court and Dunc 5
Brothers 4
Spew and partner 5
Deckhand/Model and wife 5

Entree Manu 5, Pete 4 (generous really, given the main element of the dish was inedible)
Main Manu and Pete both 7
Dessert Manu 5 Pete 6

Total 58

So they are in the bottom two, with only one team left to cook. I hope they make it through and Della can shake off her nerves, because it looks as though they know flavours and can cook – just not under pressure.
But the promos are all about some big cheating scandal at Mr and Mrs Speworthy’s instant restaurant and we see Pete telling them to go back to the kitchen to grab some offending item. Ooh – what is it? A bottle of soz? Remember a while back when someone used a jar of bought curry paste, and then there was Mr Chops last year and the easy peasy lemon squeezy dramas.

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brain dead dave

Thanks to Littlepetal , what we now know about Roids is that he’s tried out for several reno shows….and failed Maybe he’ll serve a pie with sauce and a carton of iced coffee. All store bought.

When do Della and friend cook? I thought it was tonight….but what the hell , bring on the Tools. Clash of the culinary cockroaches.


Delia and Tully cooking tonight. CH 7 just can’t stop themselves from promoting the clash of the titans. I thinks those 2 teams just keep having a go at one another. One team bombed out and the other still waiting to cook.

brain dead dave

“Them quails”

Fail. Della’s a lawyer?


Don’t think this stint has done much for Della’s legal career or her friendship with Tully.


I’m actually looking forward to spending some time with Della and Tully. They seem like decent enough folk, and gosh, Tully is like the twin sister of the actress from Offspring. They were separated at birth.

I just don’t want to spend another second around the Seafood King, his insipid wife, or Ms Vomit and Mr Roid Rage. Gosh channel 7, why do you do this to us?

brain dead dave

Strategic vomiting. I’ve heard it all now.


Mad props to Court. “If anyone is strategic voting, they deserve a kick to the shins.”

I really hope she does. You go Court.


And the camera went to The brothers. Lovely


Unfortunately, as happened last year with Kell and Nev, saying nice things at the table says nothing about whether you are voting (or indeed vomiting) strategically.


Strategic voting or strategic vomiting?


I am too, actually. They’re becoming a very likeable — and very savvy — couple of contestants.


Josh should realise that a good model is one who keeps his mouth shut and looks pretty. Speaking just makes his uglier and uglier (and raise questions about why his parents didn’t take him to the dentist).


Extremely annoyed that another couple have trotted out “not good at maths” excuse. There needs to be a cultural shift where it is not acceptable to say that particularly if you are female.


Josh’s smirking is very irritating. King Jerk and Steroid Man need to be on the bottom of the leader board and perhaps both of those teams will be eliminated….one for cheating (whatever that cheating might be) and one for jerkiness. Would improve this season of MKR if both teams left.
Too bad about Della and Tully. I was hoping that they would get high scores. They were second guessing themselves too much.


I confidently expect to read that Josh perpetrated the Bowling Green Massacre in the not too distant future.

brain dead dave

” Pete reminds them there is a cheffy trend to only have three things on a plate”

My mother must have been decades ahead of her time.

Someone remind Pete that he’s a king sized wanker..

brain dead dave

The new MKR judge is Darren Robertson, for anyone who has heard of him.


I was really hoping the girls would do well last night but it wasn’t to be.
I had a feeling when I heard quails we were in for trouble.
I couldn’t understand why they had another bird for main and also as the judges said, why cherries and grapes?
Thanks goodness the sisters knew what they were doing.
I felt like wiping that smirk of Josh’s face, I can’t stand to look at him or her for that matter.
Mrs. Vomit must have been so upset last night having her favourite topic of conversation taken away from her, alas instead we all had to hear how she fell in love with roids, made us want to 🤢
Can’t wait for these last two to be brought undone tonight but not to seeing smirk the jerks face.


Why does a person who finds eating seafood unpleasant attend a seafood festival? Surely not to lure a “catch” like Mr Tool?

brain dead dave

The way Mme Vomit flung herself at Roids at the seafood love in indicates that he had little choice as to whether he’d be batting Merrins or not. Roids is probably not a keeper and if in fact he is hitting the ‘roids he’s probably “undersized”. They are both bottom feeders.


Yes! I forgot that most important part about her story, how ridiculous, she just doesn’t make sense at all, does she?


Windsong, you read my mind. I’ve never even watched Offspring and still thought ‘Wow that Tully lady looks like Asher..whatsherface from Offspring”.

In what universe is that pale thin boy a deckhand? Deckhands work their arses off, hauling heavy things in the sun for 12+ hours a day. He must do it for 30 mins a week or something?

I rmbr Darren Robertson, he hosted Recipe to Riches. And he was on Iron Chef America, competeing for Australia when he’s English, along with Toby Puttock and Adrian Richardson. They lost.

Cheating scandal tonight… past contestants have been told off for jarred or canned ingredients, fake lemon, frozen pastry.. what’s left? It better be a new and spectacular cheat. Like an actual chef hiding under the bench.


Pete and Manu aside, I’d be shocked to see an actual chef onscreen, this show, some days. And even then, I often wonder about those two as well.


Overthinking and stressing brought those two undone last night. I couldn’t understand the kerfuffle over making couscous. Read the packet for quantities, multiply those with a pen and paper if you need more, throw couscous and boiling water in a bowl, cover and done. The simplest element turned into a drama.

And there was a lot of beetroot puree under that duck. I think Della and Tully got so absorbed in their list-making that they forgot to practice using the barbecue and smoking duck.

It’s a shame, because they seem to be nice women, who can cook, but got lost under the burdens of time and number of guests.

As for Wanker, I would seriously like to slap his stupid smirk off his pale face.