Married at First Sight – Sun, Feb 19 – and Daisy’s recap

Nadia is worried whether she and Anthony share the same family values.
I’d be more worried he has gaffer tape and ropes in the basement so he can keep her locked up, all to himself.

And here’s the latest on MAFS’s biggest success story, Alex and Zoe.
Zoe on new motherhood

It’s over to Daisy for a recap on the season so far (thank you, Daisy).
As we ready ourselves for another week of bridal successes, complications, stresses and failures, lets take a look back to remind ourselves where the couples are at.
All the couples are thrown together by the sexperts (but really the producers) to provide a kind of marital Big Brother scenario in the hope that it will create better tv. The sexperts offer educational gems such as, “You can tell when someone’s attracted to you because they look into your eyes. That’s my optometrist. The couples have their own expert advice which is “Happy wife, happy life” and Simon puts it into practice by conceding to Alene’s demands that he cut his hair. He has been hanging onto it like Samson, but Delilah got her her way and instead of making him weak, it made Simon suddenly a handsome beast to Alene and got him to the next base.
Sean has been keeping Susan happy. I get the impression that both Susan and Sean have been so lonely for love they could have been Shrek and Fiona and they still would have seen the most beautiful creatures on earth. Susan and Sean are getting as much loving in as they can but sadly, the sexperts, in their wisdom, decided that a couple who live opposite sides of Australia with little hope of either moving, are a good match. Which reminds me, did that couple from last year bridge the city-country bridge?
No sparks are flying between Vanessa and Andy. Being commissioned to teach your guy to talk isn’t really a great basis for romance, although it worked for Eliza Dolittle and Henry Higgins. Sharon is still waiting for Jesse to open up and get romantic. Or at least open up his wallet to buy some flowers. Jesse has done more pooing than wooing. Nick is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. During the day he melts Michelle’s heart by doing all the right moves, but at night he reveals his drinking and penchant for naked women. This is more than Michelle can bear. Nick gets a firm grilling from Michelle over his love of strip clubs and they have a squabble over respect.
Michael and Scarlett have already departed. Michael giving the sexperts a serve for not getting his order right. And Scarlett left scarlet faced at being sprung for hitting on Cheryl’s hubby, whose name Cheryl and I have already forgotten.

Cheryl's on her second time round
Cheryl’s on her second time round

John and Deb have parted ways, and viewers have probably see John on Current Affair surrounded by a bevy of 40++ hopefuls. Deb probably returned to their honeymoon location to find that Samoan pool boy who caught her eye. Anthony is now waving red flags all over the place saying things like, “Nadia is mine” and “You need to get some direction in your life”. (Anyone seen Sleeping with the Enemy?)
Now we come to the big event; something that is a MAFS WORLD FIRST. One lab rat, Cheryl jumps her lab rat box and hops in with lab rat Andrew, who I will now refer to as Jonesy. This agitates all the other lab rats who question Cheryl’s motives but who all adore Jonesy. Lab rat Anthony gets the most irate and demands clarification. Everyone loves Jonesy, Jonesy, Jonesy so it’s Cheryl who cops the beating.
Psycho Anthony
Psycho Anthony

Not sure if Anthony is a race caller or a court prosecutor because his cross examination was brutal. Nadia pipes up to tell Anthony to mind his own beeswax. And Ant gives a fake apology. We can only hope that this week, Nadia puts Anthony’s nuts in the coffee grinder.
So will Nick get drunk again and confess to objectophilia? Or worse? Will Susan and Sean be able to overcome the tyranny of distance? Will Jesse finally close the toilet door and buy some air freshener. When Andy finally speaks, will he tell Vanessa to shut up? Will Simon require Alene to shave her armpits? Not long now until we find out. Happy MAFSing.

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I missed it last night but it is not being repeated during the day like usual. Mon & Tue nights are though.


Should be online I think. That’s weird they are not repeating – not like there’s anything else on.


The cricket was on in NSW…


It might not have been on last night. When I got home at 7.30, it wasn’t on the guide and I doubt it was aired b4 that.

brain dead dave

It wasn’t in SA. Cricket.


I am loving this season. I think the sexperts aren’t needed. They just make themselves look ridiculous ( is that a word? [Ztipporism]).


I watched the repeats of this over the weekend and am now keen to see what happens next.
It wasn’t on in Vic last night either because of the cricket.


Which reminds me, did that couple from last year bridge the city-country bridge?


Thanks Maz. Interesting. How about the farmer not even bring a farmer. Now I have to wonder if Michael was really a stripper, Scarlett was really an author (that was always in doubt) and the experts are really experts. Maybe Nick isn’t really a girlie show loving alkie, but really a choir boy. Waaaah.
But I still love it.


Tonight was a competition of who is on the highest moral ground.

Moral of story, do not put topless photos of yourself snorting substances on your Instagram.


It seems like that’s just generally a good idea, anyway, to not do that, you know?


I stopped reading when I noticed it was a spoiler. I will read it after the show.


Wow, Susan is a sweet tender heart.


And the mean girls say, “Who moi?”


Cheryl can feel some vindication.


While Anthony gets his nose rubbed in it again. But it wasn’t only Anthony.


Good on Cheryl for not letting the pack pull her down. I give her kudos for that.


Jonesy and Cheryl aren’t matched. I am not convinced there is a connection there on any level.
Cheryl actually seems to have a pleasant personality. Would it be due to the botox as to why she had no expressions of hurt or anger at the disastrous dinner party?
She has fake nails, breasts, nose, jawline, hair, and lips – did I miss anything?!!! She’s only 25! Before photos indicate that she should have left herself alone.


Susan’s face said it all.


Andrew( sorry Jonesy) should not sing. Painful.

Jesse’s father (hopes) that his fruiting dynasty is assured. He really needs to talk to his accountant about succession planning.

Andy’s bestie Thommo is jealous as.

Samson is about to have a breakdown.


Oh, my. Sean and Susan’s love bubble has certainly burst. The look on her face travelling in the car to his property said it all. She was so condescending with just about everything when she arrived.

No surprises with Jonesy and Cheryl. Cheryl just wanted her extra 15 minutes of fame.

Alene was cringe worthy, as she scoped Simon’s apartment and cast judgement on, well, everything!

I agree with you Maz, Andy’s mate is jealous of what Andy has / could have. Where was his partner on the night?


Yes, there does seem to be problem with alcohol and aggression.

He is 38 and single. People will question why you have been left on the shelf (or purchased and constantly returned to the warehouse) if on paper you are a “great catch”.


Can I ask a favour. If a link has a spoilers can you write Spoiler alert. Some readers love spoilers, some don’t.


Duly noted.😉


Thanks. Cheers. Go for it with the links though because I know some of us love sneak peeks, and opening pressies before Christmas. 😙😙😙


I am curious and a bit itching to peek ahead, but I am going to watch and wait.


Andrew’s friend was really rude to Vanessa. And then he said that she didn’t ask about him. Why would she given his remarks?


Susan’s reaction disappointed me. Maryborough is not remote and isolated, its a three hour drive from Brisbane. Its a city of around 25,000 people, and I am half an hour away in a lovely coastal city of around $65,000 people, so if she missed the beaches, we have them here. I believe she works away in the mines, now that’s what I call remote and isolated. Sure, we are in a regional area, but there’s everything here that you need. Sean is just ten minutes out of Maryborough and I believe he has children nearby so that’s why he needs to stay there. He works away in mines too so that’s probably why his home looks a bit neglected, and no doubt the producers told him not to tidy up the place, have to keep the illusion of being on a remote farm. Susan didn’t try very hard in my opinion.


In Susan’s defence we don’t really know what her lifestyle is like and from what I saw last night (for me) it would be a cultural shock.

Then there is the children. She is probably weighing things up quite quickly i.e. step children who will hate me, family and friends on the other side of the country, routine shattered, reduced income. Is it really worth it (to settle) when we have a national dating profile out there now and could find someone closer to home?


Yes, I’m with Susan on that one but it would be more due to the mess and no AC than distance. I don’t think producers put the spiders there. Susan was right to say she couldn’t live there rather than pretend. But Susan should have known all along that she wasn’t going to live on a farm. She did say, “I hope this farm is really nice to make up for the remoteness”. I guess for Susan, it was remote, and not really nice.
I would have been shocked too if I looked down and saw a mass of rotting food left on the ground and a spider haven inside.


Some background information about Simon. If he’s a business man, I don’t understand why Channel 9 show him down on the farm?!