Is MKR losing its ratings shine?

So the ratings are in and Seven’s jewel in the crown, MKR, is losing its sparkle.
It’s still a juggernaut but, much like MasterChef, is not the behemoth it once was.
Details Here.
MKR needs to shake thinks up if it wants to stay on top. It takes itself too seriously and the format needs a shakeup. Forget whatever the looming twist is and just start with the damn twist.
Why do we always need to start with instant restaurants? They could do a ff-site challenges instead and vie for rewards to use as saves or extra points in the instant restaurant rounds.
I’m a Celeb is a show you can dip in and out of, whereas there are phone contracts that last for less time than MKR.

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brain dead dave

It’s losing it’s $hine because Ch 7 are trying to polish a turd.

It’s a three month commitment to a ship of food fools to view it. It’s too late to stop now…….as Van Morri$on said.


Yes. Its getting boring now. Same old same old


It wouldn’t surprise me.

Having watched the last few years, it just feels so … tired this year. Like, it’s the same tripe over and over and over again (even down to the same absurdly over-confident asshole contestant), and they’re not even trying to pretend otherwise. Nothing here is new and fresh, even the contestants (and certainly not the food). We’ve seen this all a hundred times before.

And yeah, MKR is a marathon. Four episodes a week and it still lasts until, what, May? June? Feels like it.

Can’t say I’ve been too impressed with the offering so far, although I kind of want to see what happens with Bek and Brown Beard.


Lord yes. All of the yes.


The latest and last GBBO series is on Foxtel now. The last series with Mary, Mel and Sue 😕


I have already seen it PollyB – excellent, as usual. Such a shame they are going


Totally agree. Just not feeling the love.

brain dead dave

Yeah, it’s a cooking show and here the producers are force feeding viewers:

a) how much can we hate Tyson and when will he get hit by the culinary karma bus?
b) will Bek and Beardy get it on?


I have always felt all of the above. MKR has never been my thing. Not enough cooking, too much hating.


Problem is it’s a COOKING show… where we see nothing of cooking! They need to roll back and balance between cooking and drama. Other than learning about Hashtag this, Tatts, Uber Drivers etc etc we’ve learnt nothing about cooking.


I got bored with MKR and MC about 3 years ago. I like REALITY tv. These are not reality, and is MKR even a cooking show? On MKR I hate
the lazy scripting, if the must fake it, dig deeper than trite comments on a loop
the stupid costumes, hair and make up
the faux villain formula *** I especially hate this
the predictability of everything about the show
the cooking is not the “star”, but neither are the stars.


Due to family illness I have missed all the debuts of the shows, and now I don’t actually feel like watching them. So I am part of the ratings drop off.

Maybe I will get sucked in now that I am back home, but I don’t care if I don’t.


Fijane believe me you have not missed much, it’s been the same old, same old unfortunately but I continue to watch in case they have a surprise or two tucked up their sleeves. I live in hope.
I hope your family are doing better.


MKR is the same old thing and is boring. I watch Celeb, and tape MAFS and MKR, but if I don’t get a chance to watch MKR it doesn’t matter.


That’s exactly what I do, watch Celeb and tape MKR and if I don’t get to watch MKR, big deal, no loss.
What a shame because I have enjoyed it every year.