MKR thoughts

With a new season of MKR just a few weeks ago, let’s go over the changes we’d like to see.
1. Ditch the boring judges: Guy, Karen and whatserface. Keep Colin Fassnidge but we need some fresh faces.
2. Cut the number of contestants. Last year the show went forever.
3. Yes, we went some drama but is it too much to ask for people to have held a frypan before appearing on the show.
Anything else? Who do you want to see judging? And can we ditch Pete at least and make it the Manu and Colin show?

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brain dead dave

How about an owning up from the major sponsor Coles about their investment in poker machines? You can’t feed a family for under ten bucks when you’ve blown it on the pokies, Curtis.


The only part we like is the IR and we must not be alone in this preference due to the extent that the producers contrive to extend it each year.

Things that annoy me:
1. Making contestants drive for hours to get to their nearest (or designated) Coles. That would be off-putting not being allowed to shop at your local.
2.Anyone who thinks they are imbued with super powers because they have reproduced. Sobbing that you are doing it for your kids should be eliminated automatically.
3.Nonna/Nonno…good for you being the favourite grandchild.
4. Anyone who utters the words, “I have never cooked this before,” in relation to pasta, panna cotta, fish, chicken, lava cakes, ice cream shouldn’t even make the promos.
5, The local Coles suddenly supplying some obscure ingredient.


No secret assassin.
Have the crew stop stealing contestants’ ingredients. Tired of the fake missing ingredient with a contestant having to drive back to the shop to get it.
No close ups of the judges eating their food and staring at each other.

brain dead dave

“This has to be perfect or we could be going home”

Yeah? People who have serially under cooked food have gone on to some kind of very temporary glory by winning MKR.

Crying on TV on a cooking show? Send ’em straight home or for a free holiday in Mosul for a while. Take Nonna with yaz.


I stopped watching MKR and MC about 3 years ago because of boredom. I was sick of the trumped up formula of villains and scripted remarks. I watch rtv for reality. People don’t have to be portrayed as villains to be interesting. Just let them speak their OWN WORDS and it will be better than the comments on a loop that we have come to expect. So I suggest, more real footage.
The old adage, “always leave your audience wanting more also applies. An hour long show, and a season that does not meander forever would improve the show imo. One group of contestants. Let them wear their own clothes. Most people have bad taste in clothing (look at Hot Seat) so it will still be good reality viewing and certainly better than the ridiculous costuming, hair and make up that they have been doing.
If MKR and MC don’t wake up and revive, I think they are flogging a dead horse and will end up being replaced when the next best idea in tv comes along. Harsh, but for me they are a parody and a snoozefest…and I watch B&B so that’s saying something.

Oh, yes. And have genuine cooks, not people you found in an elevator and looked cute, or couples who failed their TAR audition.

brain dead dave

It would be better to eat a dead horse than the muck routinely served on these cooking operas.

brain dead dave

I’ve always wondered how pretending to be a foodie gives one carte blanche to sweat into and grope food before “serving”. Why not piss or shit on ze plate as well? Or both? Tell me I’m dreamin’ There’s your soz, Manu.


For the first time ever I have a new found respect for Andrew Dice Clay, seeing what a nice man, and sweet couple he and
his wife make. The blonde however, who’s name isn’t worth knowing is a devious, nasty, #****t. Waste for show and anyone else’s for that matter.


Get rid of the walk to the door, the door bell and the horrible squealing when the door is opened. In fact skip straight to the people walking into the restaurant.


So who’s watching this year?


I probably will be, because there’s nothing else on at the moment. I haven’t watch any mainstream commercial television since, what, when did the Bachelorette end?

brain dead dave

You don’t know what you’ve been missing out on, Windsong. Toadie’s old wife might still be alive. Hot $eat has been revamped. Worst Weekend $unrise of all time this morning. I can’t recall when The Bachelorette ended , or who was in it. Some dumb blondes and a lot of helicopter rides , I think.

Just this morning I saw a new MKR promo and yet another new “villain”….the “jerk king” or some such rubbish. Yeah, I love watching contestants chant “fight, fight” on a cooking show. I’m planning to watch, knowing that there’ll be bugger all movement at Ch 7’s station.

Sick of doorbells and promenades, too. Schlock.


I’m really surprised that the producers haven’t used the door-bell as a cross-promotion opportunity featuring that other Wesfarmers stablemate Bunnings and Joh from BHG.


Guiltily sticks hand in air, but doesn’t want to admit it publicly! Watching tennis is a great way to dissuade me though, as the constant “after the tennis” promos are woeful.

I’m firmly on team “Ditch Pete”, while being committed to team “No Doorbell” and ready to sign up to team “Stupid driving and running should be banned”.


We don’t know if this ad is on high repeat because we are in NSW but here is my nomination for MOST ANNOYING MKR team 2017:

If you can’t subtract 35-21 then you are irredeemably stupid.

brain dead dave

Yeah, Kelsey’s got the brains of a sheep. Bring on the Moronic Mums. “Uncredible” isn’t a word and it’s nothing these bimbos should be cutely celebrating. I feel sick already.

I take that back. Kelsey hasn’t got the brains of a sheep.


Kelsey is a new mum and yet she leave the bub at home for the show. Great mum!


But…sob…she is doing it..hiccup…sob…for the kids!

So they can be proud of her…


I can’t decide which is more loathsome – doing it for dead or dying nonna or doing it for the kids. Equally gag-worthy.


I felt exactly the same. Who wants to laugh and show off the fact that you are stupid. I would be so embarrassed getting on national TV and appearing like a right idiot.

brain dead dave

More awful combatants were revealed at the tennis tonight. A drama queen going to the toilets to vomit and a meathead with enormous guns.

I saw packets of bone broth in the supermarket (not Coles) today and thought of Pete Evans and his whacky ideas.


I watched MKR US with the “celebrities. It was BAD and not in a good way. Will not be watching another episode. They showed two instant restaurants in one episode, no shopping, very little about setting up the restaurant, no restaurant names, celebs only serving two courses, not a lot of interesting things going on in their kitchens. The one thing I liked is that everyone eats at the same time and the judges don’t comment until after the “celebs” have tasted the courses.

Overall very boring and not worth watching, IMO.

brain dead dave

All that glitters is not Curtis. Seems like just yesterday he was on Oprah and living high on the hog. There must be some RSPCA approved way of getting rid of him humanely. If ratings were food the guests are starving…

Thanks for the link, Juz.


I wonder if this means he won’t be on local MKR or MasterChef this year, flogging Coles

brain dead dave

I’ve just seen a sneak peek of a dead relative sob story and Manu braying about records being broken in ze first “roand”. Yawn.


So it’s the same old sh*t, different season.


I can’t wait. I wish it was on tonight!


(meh, I accidently posted this on an old MKR thread… but here you all are this year!)

Hello peoples…. I remember many names from previous mkr/mc 🙂

Mmm (lips smacking) I’m woefully excited about new mkr tonight…. but my 7mo baby is not, and I can tell I’m going to miss a lot of this season. Waahhh!

I’ll be here every day at some point checking the comments/recaps. If memory serves you won’t let me down. Go forth and bitch my friends!

Smythe- that’s a shame about MKR US, I would’ve liked seeing it. I’ve gotta say though, I don’t get how Curtis is quite that successful over there. What does he have? They all bang on about how huge and handsome he is- really? Don’t see it myself.

Love Bel (and baby gremlin- ie, nasty when wet and fed after midnight).

brain dead dave

Welcome back. We’re going to meet some not very nice people who can’t cook tonight. It’s only right to bitch about them.