MKR villain promo

Here’s another MKR promo to ensure we know who the villain of the season is.

Will he be the new Zana or Lauren or is this five seconds of “bad guy” as good as it gets? I just want to reach into the TV an unbutton the top of his shirt – he looks very uncomfortable.
And here’s a snippet on the US version with Curtis Stone Wiki article

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I’d pay to have another Zana, but lord save us from anymore Laurens.

Bloody channel 7. I’d be happiest if any of these people had even step foot in a kitchen before, I really would.


Just realised I forgot another of last year’s villains: Jess! Remember the white surgical socks and the no eating of many foods

brain dead dave

Personally, I can’t forget Kat from a year previously. Then I remembered Lauren and that awful refuse being squeezed in her deluded hands. Jess, eughh!

Ch 7 should collect their past villains and pit them against each other in a one off series.

Anyways , let’s hope for some good tennis squeezed in between the endless promotion for this culinary soap opera.


How could we forget? She was going to show them all how to do it. Another one who failed.


The Wollongong Mums & the Hashtags look like they will be irritating.

The star-crossed lovers storyline promises to be done to death during the IR rounds. #getaroom

brain dead dave

It must take a great deal of culinary skill to flip a table. This braying bozo will once again prove Dr Phil’s claim that shallow brooks are the noisiest. I’ll tire of this tedious Tyson turd tout de suite.


Clearly, the marketing team drew their inspiration from the first Beethoven movie.


I don’t expect much from the US celebrity version.

brain dead dave

It dawned on me last night that the blustering “villain” in the video above looks a lot like Australian cricket captain to me , $teve $mith. It hit me like ton of pork crackling.(or should that be “crackle”?)

It won’t surprise me that their skill levels in the kitchen will be similar, as well.


Ex MKR gossip

Nelly ‘The Lovdbird’ from last series broke off with his boyfriend and now is dating Adriano Zumbo. She is also working with Zumbo.


That is good gossip, thanks Littlepetal.

brain dead dave

Working under Zumbo , too, I presume…bright lights, big city. Make me a $tar.

brain dead dave

Research and development, hmm? Poor Lovebird 1 couldn’t compete with the Z factor and his bells and whistles.. She’s ten years younger.


Her Instagram feed has selfies of her with JP 16 weeks ago

brain dead dave

Sounds like it was a case of Instagrab(tm) on Zumbo’s part.

“Let me feel those buns to see if they’re done, Nelly”


Wow…that is fast (and potentially messy).

brain dead dave
brain dead dave


For Huillet, 30, and Riggio, 25, the ultimate goal is to travel the world and land a TV show rather than be tied down to a restaurant.

Every contestant want to travel the world for free. Just pretend that you can cook.

They must read this from Matt Moran:
Want to be a celebrity chef? Get back in the kitchen

brain dead dave

You have to admire Zumbo’s humility here:

“I’ve become good at judging whether a girl wants to be around you just because she’s after your status, or because you’re popular. Luckily for me, I am mostly attracted to genuine ones. But my work is my all – my schedule revolves around it and it will take a special woman who is understanding of that. I am in the public eye a lot and I need a strong woman who can handle the attention I get and not get upset if I cuddle a stranger for a social photo”

Of course, he would never use his status to undermine a pair of love birds and get his rocks off. Just sayin’. Translate:”Special woman” = $lave. “Strong woman”= I’m gonna cheat.


We always thought “understanding” was code “I’m going to cheat.”


What a load of crap. Don’t like him anymore, not that I had a lot of time for him before, Mr Zero Personality.
She will live to regret it, betcha.