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Thanks Juz. I’ll be watching!


Me too! I hope it doesn’t pander too much to the American audience.

Think it is available on iview from 6.00am.


Holding head in hands…Why??????? Stop pandering to the Americans…It wasn’t a particularly new idea. They may as well as recycled the Cybermen.

Nardole? Looks like he is sticking around.

First preview of Bill. Looks like an Amy redux where the story is all about her.


Oh dear. Can’t watch until tomorrow but I hope it’s better than the terrible season if Torchwood set in the US


I didn’t think it pandered to Americans but to super hero fans and not in a good way. It seemed to be paying homage to the mythos of Superman. The spinning globe on top of the Harmony Shoal…homage to the Daily Planet. Of course “G” is Superman/Clark Kent and the woman is a Lois Lane imitator. Why bother? Why not just show a Superman movie or the original TV series and be done with it.


It was bad. Very bad.

Doctor Who does not need to pay homage to comics or Superman. It was an unoriginal idea lazily executed.

Steven Moffat needs to go and just concentrate on Sherlock.


I actually liked all the little superhero references and Easter eggs (and the kid gaining his powers from exposure to an alien crystal? That’s like the origin story for a dozen superheroes). And I liked how the intrepid reporter’s initials were LL, that was neat.

But I didn’t love it, though. I think the Doctor Who setting is generally too downbeat, cynical and hopeless to allow for a superhero to move in (which is why I far prefer superhero stories to the Who-verse). And I felt the story was quite awkward in places. You know, there was too much story for an hour of screen-time, they needed an extra twenty minutes or so, so the whole thing moved at a breakneck speed to get where it needed to go.

The real entertainment value was seeing the impatient, grumpy Doctor wind up in the middle of a Lois Lane/Clark Kent situation (and declare that the whole thing was too stupid to go on), but I didn’t much care for it, to be honest.

And UNIT, OMG. Do they go out of their way to hire the stupidest people in the *world*?


The Easter Eggs were fun BUT this is Doctor Who and not the Adventures of Superman so it should have been the Adventures of Doctor Who. What’s next? Is Doctor Who going to be involved with Batman? Will the Tardis wind up in the Bat Cave? Will Doctor Who become a new member of the Justice League?