US Survivor – Thurs, Nov 3

Who do you think will win? A so-called Millennial or a Gen Xer?
I’m in Fiji at the moment so will be keeping my eyes peeled for any Survivor sites of significance.

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Sooooo effing pissed off with CH9. I taped this as usual and it started 42 minutes late. So have 32 minutes of this episode available to watch 😠😠😠😠


Feeling your pain, Polly.


I know, it was the stupid cricket’s fault. I checked before going to bed & the movie was just starting 45 mins late. They should move it back to Go at 8.30.


Well that was one of the best vote outs ever. The look on Milayla’s face was hilarious. She looked so shocked & just stared at the guy who voted for her. Then she forgets her shoes & has to go back for them. Such a shame it was one week too early to be on the jury. She would have been great.


Great blindside, but i will miss watching her!
At least it won’t be long before we get to see her again.


Thanks, Erin. Lots of my favourites are there; Mikaela, Malcom, Aubrey, Caleb, Ozzie and some not favourites like Cops-R-Us.


no worries, this was announced back in June, i can’t believe i didnt know about it until a few days ago!!
Agree some faves and not so fave in there. i am curious as to their criteria for picking return players, interesting that nearly half of the cast are playing for their 3rd (or even 4th) time.


Yeah I only read about it the other day. Didn’t realise it had been out since June. I’m the same, some faves & not so faves. Will be interesting to see if Mikayla learns from her mistakes & keeps her big mouth shut next time & doesn’t get so aggro all the time.


her interview on RHAP, suggested she would do things a little differently next time but since she has now played twice i was unsure if that hindsight was based on just this season or both.


I forgot it was on, Channel 9 put it on whenever they feel like it, so annoying.


yeah, i gave up watching it on actual tv years ago!


I don’t get Ciree, Siera or Sandra. Myeh. I didn’t like Cop Tony but I can see why he’s there. Some of them I don’t recall.


Cop Tony was a dick!


Well at least this time they’ll know he’s a cop, he won’t be able to lie about it. And Debbie, the one with multiple careers is coming back too. She was hilarious.


I don’t get those ones either, and i don’t remember Brad, Troyzan or Hali.
Surely Sandra will be an early boot – having already won twice.

brain dead dave

Troyzan? That’d be a hard name to forget.

Is he some kind of Tarzan wannabe?


That stare-off between Jay and Mik was epic. Glad she’s back for the next series. How dreadful was Bret’s lying about being a cop: ” I arrange funerals and stuff”. Why not say he’s a youth worker or a profession he’d come into contact with a lot more.


Mikayla’s reaction was priceless, but I knew she wouldn’t last long. Didn’t think it would be this early, though.

When you are in this 3 vs 2 situation it is so easy for one of the 3 to arrange the elimination of the one of the others. The 2 are so convinced that one of them are gone, that they will agree to any plan that takes out one of the 3.

I’m surprised that no-one even hinted at the fact that Mikayla has been a major force in challenges, and several times has taken her team to a win after being behind. Love their reason for taking her out – “she’s too smart”. Is it a race to the dumbest final three? Or just the three who are the best actors (at being dumb)?

It was bit sad to hear the mutters about getting revenge from Taylor, Hannah. Shades of Nick.