My Kitchen Rules 2017

MKR is ages away but here’s the promo, for those of you who haven’t seen it. It only features people from what I guess is the first round of contestants and it’s hard to pick a villain, but I’m guessing either the housewives of foodies.

Is everyone going to watch next year?
Channel 7 has not released a date, just the following blurb, which reveals they haven’t – unfortunately – mixed up the judging panel. No mention of Rachel Khoo this year:
“Pete Evans and Manu Feildel return with an eighth season of Australia’s number one regular program,
MY KITCHEN RULES. An average audience of 2.32 million viewers tuned in this year to see Melbourne sisters
Tasia and Gracia take out the 2016 title and $250,000 in prize money. Acclaimed chefs Colin Fassnidge, Karen
Martini, Guy Grossi and Liz Egan return to Kitchen HQ next year to judge the new batch of aspiring home cooks.
And when the MKR doorbell rings in 2017, expect new twists and a new face at the dinner table.”

Last year MKR premiered on February 1 (remember, the same time as I’m a Celeb?) so I guess we’re in for a similar start in 2017.

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Oh dear, more Pete, Karen Martini and Liz whoever. Really could do without them again.

I probably will watch some, but try not to get obsessed about every episode. I’m trying to become more discerning about competition shows.


Yeah, I’ll be watching. These things are far more fun to mock while you’re watching them anyway, and if you’re having a good time as a viewer, so be it, you know?


He’ll never replace the original Jordan, Juz.

*dreamy sigh*

brain dead dave

Well, it can’t get any worse , can it?

Of course it can, gice. Bring on the pretenders with the puke worthy poached pears and putrid parfaits.

There looks like plenty of ne’er do wells in the second group.

Pete doesn’t look well. Like he’s been on $urvivor. That bone broth really must have a kick in it.

If Donald Trump thinks the US election is rigged , he should check out this show. The scores are fudged routinely at the whim of producers..

I’ll watch …but I won’t get hooked….. this time


It will depend on what is on opposite MKR (I only have fta) as to whether I watch or not.

Maybe I’ll watch some of the series the way I did with Zumbo: do something else while halfway watching and listening. That avoids blood pressure spikes and yelling at the tv.

However, if MKR has a table full of psychotic people and compulsive liars again, I’m out.


Notice that they have two contestants, on opposite teams, flirting with each other. Bet that will be flogged to death.

brain dead dave

I noticed a woman flirting with a beard.

It’s a solid fail, so far.

A beard is just a deal breaker in a kitchen.

We’ve all seen people get food and drink stuck in their beards before. Hell, even vomit.

Will I be able to stomach My Beard Rules?


Sorry, can’t agree with you there. Big fan of a well-kept beard.

brain dead dave

It comes down to hygiene for me.

Beard nets are the way forward. What happens in the beard stays in the beard.


No Rachel Khoo but there is a male guest judge.


Any guesses who the judge can be? They look tall and fairly lean.


Pete Evans has been working with Luke Hines, former contestant from MKR. Surely he is not trying to get Luke a gig. He is not qualified enough to be a judge.

brain dead dave

More unpleasant contestants revealed tonight. Mr. Anger won’t be able to cook to save his own life.


Ch 7 is also filming an Aust version of Hell’s Kitchen


Just revealed! The judge is Marco Pierre White. TH will be happy


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