First Dates season 3

Is anyone watching the current season of First Dates? Now that there’s a lull in the reality TV scene I may skip through a few episodes.
Channel 7 must be happy with it – this is the third series in under a year.

First Dates screens on Seven, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm

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brain dead dave

I’ve been watching it.None of the contestants have been that abrasive yet, though I expect the knife licker is up tomorrow night. Instant deal breaker.


What, George is on First Dates??
I miss Masterchef…


So what does everyone think? Woolif and I are enjoying it. I think this season’s batch are a bit of an improvement. I couldn’t bear Shadi’s lame ‘jokes’.
I felt sorry for the gay guy who wanted another date. He seemed a bit vulnerable…and he got suckered with the bill.


Isn’t it one of those rules that if you are not going to see them again that you either pay or at least go Dutch?
Like, you always say yes to one dance, cos it takes courage to walk across the room to ask.
I think I am showing my age.


I think that anyone, knowing they are going to ditch and run should at leat pay their own meal.


Yep, I’m watching. Oh gosh, Shadi and his jokes.. SO bad!! You laugh, but not in a good way!

Some of them are a bit harsh, aren’t they. I felt bad for the guy who got ditched too after being so excited.. his date was meh anyway.

The Townsville lady tonight who blows s#*t up was a bit harsh on her poor date.. better to have not wasted time on losers I say.

The selfie girl was a bit cringe-worthy! I don’t even know HOW to apply that much make-up! I must be different to people my age as I hate the whole selfie obsession thing and how she has 24k followers, following make-up on her face?!

The two girls were horrible! So bad.. why were they featured? I could not believe their final interview. So mean!! The model one especially spoke like the other girl wasn’t even in the room let alone right next to her. There is such a thing as being TOO honest when you’re hurting someone’s feelings. Whenever someone starts saying “100% 100% 100%” they are covering up the fact that they are only feeling 50% about the statement. So mean!!


Yep, Shady needs to ditch the gags, which aren’t really jokes, but just lines. Mortisha was awful and rude to her date. I think that was the reason she wasn’t talking to her. It wasn’t awkwardness or shyness, it was too stuck up to bother.
I would like to see both girls back; blondie with a guy and someone who had more personality than a praying mantis, and Mortisha to be matched with another girl stick insect. I bet she only dates skinny.


Haha Mortisha! Good one! She was so far up her own arse it isn’t funny. There’s shy and there’s rude and she was definitely being rude like she felt embarrassed to be on the date with the other girl. The whole shaming meat eaters, I’m 100% gay like I’ve always known just showed how judgmental she was.

I don’t know the blonde girl but maybe she feels more comfortable with girls because she is a girl and like has stuff in common with them? (sarcastic like, like tone) I feel more comfortable with girls because I have spent the most time with girls so often they are easier for me to get along with. Doesn’t mean I want to date them. Yes, get her a funny guy and another “shy” up herself model for the other one and it will be love at first silence. Oh yeah, she would definitely only date people who look the part.