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We all complain about the lack of idol hunting on Australian Survivor but I love how the US players just go for it. One of you guys needs to watch so we can discuss the shake-up.


I watched it this morning on 9Jumpin – it was a great episode and the shake up into 2 teams was interesting but fair. I think David should have voted out Michelle not CeCe.

I like a lot of the players – the Gen X model is really interesting, he’s quiet, unassuming, hard working etc. Also Micheala killed it in the challenge for her team as well.


If Michaela is the gorgeous, black chick, I lover her. She is so forthright in a good way. Love her. I also like Ken doll. I don’t mind a couple of the others, like the scrawny young guy with long hair, but I don’t know their names yet.
Of course, like everyone else, not a fan of the Fig and her bf.

Not sure what David thinks he is doing voting out his alliance when he has no spares.


Oh my God I was yelling at the TV don’t give her your idol. He is going to need it himself soon. I was hoping David would be on the same tribe as the guy he made a pact with on that summit thing. Unfortunately he wasn’t.


Good episode. Comparing with Aus, it really changes things to make the tribes so small. There really is nowhere to hide in a tribe of five. And I really like that so many of them, on all tribes, immediately ditched the gen x v millenials alleged alliances. I enjoyed seeing Chris and David bond over a shared footy team, making a nonsense of the stereotypes about men of different personalities. Also Adam straight away bonding with a gen x from his new tribe(Ken?- another favourite of mine). I think when the two tribes managed to meet each other, the gen x’s subconsciously divided the millenials into two groups – those who they perceive to be entitled layabouts and those who they don’t. And they are very willing to draw the “non-layabouts” into alliances.

I didn’t like CeCe and she was a big liability in challenges, but I think that Michelle should also have gone.

Fig’s BF is quite deluded. He is so totally consumed with lust, there is no room in his brain for any other thought. Fig’s game is destroyed by this relationship, she has no hope, although it seems she has rubbed everyone the wrong way just by her personality already.

Chris seems quite bitter about the previous TCs – it will be interesting to see how it affects his game. Bret, too, although he is getting no edit yet.

I also like Mikaela. She is refreshingly open, which I assume will get her in trouble eventually. She’s a gun at challenges which will help her to start with.