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The Block descends even further with teams now openly sabotaging each other. Will vandalises Kim’s art that was driven down from Newcastle. While still wet he finger painted “I love Will” into it. He and Karlie just laughed and laughed and laughed. NASTY.

The builders overworked from the previous week ask Kim to ask the other teams to pitch in, you know cleaning etc stuff that was a given for contestants previously on the Block. Nuh. According to Julia that is just bullying. NASTY, NASTY PIECE OF WORK.

Next week looks like even more fun as the money runs out and the other teams insist that Chris and Kim return the furnishings from the terrace to pay for their rooms.


Let’s start with this week’s losers. Taking a risk by doing a child’s bedroom S+1 don’t quite pull it off.

As Neale states, “This room needs all the help it can get. It is such a miserable kids’ room. Let’s paint it grey, said no-one ever.”

The judges then look at the bed. Given the height of the cross bar, it is an accident waiting to happen.

As to the swing chair, it looks pretty but not practical. Kids will swing it straight into the wall.

The bedroom lacks joy.

Julia then blames Kim as they only had $8,000 in cash to do the room when they spent $25 000. Um, both your rooms were redo rooms Julia and most of the criticism was about the colour palette.

8,8,7=23 Don’t worry they will win with the kitchen next week.


And it wasn’t even their idea!
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The inspiration pic looks so much softer and more inviting. The lighter paint colour definitely helps!


Let’s go to the second set of losers with the same excuse that Kim done them over with the budget. Kim points out they had $2318.46 left over. (There is a reason Gen Y can’t get into the housing market apart from their love of smashed avo #justsaying #hopelesswithmoney)

The fixtures and scale of the room echo deco but the styling lets them down. Cheap linen. The size of the chair is more appropriate for a children’s room. It is ridiculously small. The pendants are scandi and the position and size does not work for the room.



It cannot be forgotten that Telstra shelled out some serious cash for their two week extended ad so the judges obliged , “Honey, ensuite, privacy”. The clear door goes opaque and the judges lose it. Ummm, this was on Grand Designs a couple of years ago.

The ensuite has an updated deco feel. It has a welcoming feel. The only problem is it does not have enough storage.

Thought the boys would take this week out.



Upon entering the BB’s main bathroom, the judges are surprised there is a degree of coherence in the colour scheme between it and the ensuite. The white subway and black grout are an economical design feature.

Reece wants some love so Shaynna obliges by gushing over Zuster Vanity (which had fallen off the wall).



Nova win tonight and get $20k off their reserve!!!! Was a little surprised by this but they also have little chance of winning next week against a courtyard, kitchen and main bedroom.

The other contestants think that Kim rigged the budget but the producers have been very quiet that most of the spaces had vouchers. During the week, Scotty said that with the vouchers the bedroom budgets was $16k which is more than enough to finish a budget but why stop the Kim hate on Twitter.

They were disappointed with the finishing on the decking. This will have to be redone.

Watching the judges wax lyrically about the pendant choices, ‘organic’ and ‘two white soft flowers’ was #awkward #oversell.

Let’s be brutal, we don’t care, Nova won!! Not that any of the other teams were gracious …clap…clap…..tumbleweeds…

9.5,9.5,9.5=28.5 and $20k off their reserve.


S+1 are blocking a few people tonight.


The vouchers revealed!


Thanks Spolier. The producers have been mischievous by not revealing the value of the vouchers. They have portrayed Kim as been a bully about the budgets. Quite a few people believe that poor, innocent S+1 only have $4k for the entire kitchen.


Thanks Spoiler! I knew they had vouchers and stuff, it was more annoying seeing some couples let the tradies do all the work then wonder why the tradies bill was so high… Even helping with cleaning up etc could save them a few hundred here and there.


Every time we heard ‘we have no money’ we were yelling at the tv ‘use the bloody vouchers!’

Edit: I just stalked their fb page and didn’t see that post. Deleted as it didn’t live up to the drama the producers wanted to create?


This season has seen a seriously nasty bunch of contestants. No wonder ratings are down. Thanks to these recaps, I don’t even watch the reveal shows anymore.
I wonder when producers at Ch9 are going to realise that the great Australian public are over pretentious angst fuelled faux-drama?

brain dead dave

I regret watching last night, too. The last half hour is drawn out like a Cagney death scene. Fail.

Horrible people creating horrible things being judged by people who reckon it’s “off the chart”. Can they all be sent to Nauru now?

You’re a champion, Maz.Thanks.


Yes, they are the nastiest collective of contestants. The problem is they failed to cast a peacemaker couple. The couple that gets along with everyone and can act as the honest broker between teams.


Interesting to note that allegedly this was a blind judging. Different results?


Still bothers me that they try to guess who did what room, it really shouldn’t matter, they should simply judge based on the room itself. Guessing suggests they scale their scoring based on whose room it is.


I agree with you Maz @ 2. The poor little ol’ us attitude will ensure the girls will win the kitchen next week.
So glad Shayna was the person to finally have the common sense to comment on the swing, sorry chair, in the child’s bedroom, and all the safety issues it comes with. Shelley and Scotty didn’t say a word when the girls were explaining their “design” to them in their walk-around last week.

S+1s attitude is appalling. There’s actually two safety hazards in the bedroom, and to simply comment on the bedframe, to “get over it” displays their arrogance and self entitlement.


More angst than rollergate in Skyhigh, the Block descends into Survivor with the backbiting and the belief that Kim did them over with the budget.
Block reinforces this belief by neglecting to mention the vouchers and the contestants chronic inability to budget.

1. S+1 are excited about featuring the concetta ceasar stone range (um, can we just point out that it has been in the window of a local kitchen outlet for the past couple of years). Nothing new there.

2. Kim has a slush fund of $3.5k.

3. Will and Karlie have spat the dummy as mummy won’t give them any more money.

4. Pies. Carleen and Ben scoff pies with tomato sauce in Freedom. Got to try that next time, we are in there on their over-priced furniture.

5. Guess which team don’t show up to do the communal painting. (BB & S1)

6.Julia with her fake flirting persona trying to get a new plasterer as Paulie overcharged her. Uh, no…you weren’t there to play labourer.

7. S+1 screw Nova over the space for the WC. Reduce the the WC from 1200 to 985 for butler’s pantry.


It is sad that as viewers we are not given the full facts and really “The Block” should be billed only as fictional drama rather than reality television.

The over-labored budget story-line would perhaps be different if for example Jai and James’ costs were deducted from those who benefited from their work as indicated in the “Treasurer’s” text to all contestants, which, incidentally, also shows that the whinging by some was nothing but pointless.

And it is interesting that a main bathroom no longer needs to have a bath to qualify for not being called just a shower-room and that a kitchen can be designed on Monday, ordered on Tuesday and fitted starting from Thursday yet in the team apartments it had to be ordered some six weeks in advance and that alterations are absolutely impossible.

This will be the last “Block” series for me.


Yes but it feeds the twitter feed which is fueled by the Kim hate.

Thanks for the shot.


Oh, and here’s the view that “Wallgate” was over. Worth it not!


The ‘crown molding’ looks weird overhanging the blinds.

Barbie wants her thrown rug back. We now understand why Dee said the apartment was too feminine.


What can we say about tonight episode, it was all about S+1 and how they are victims:
1. S+1 had to clean the area before the builders could commence the kitchen area. They didn’t do that, were absent from the site and blamed everyone it wasn’t done. In a rage, Sasha starts throwing materials on the terrace (potentially damaging it). Chris questions her and Sasha tells him to F**k Off. Yet, somehow it is not their fault.
2. Keith has to intervene so Dan ceilings match and accommodate the kitchen cabinetry 3.2m to 3.7m (but why was he covering the windows in the first place) but somehow it is Dan’s fault for not consulting with S+1 in the first place.
3. The girls just have one job to do and bring in the floor boards. They last one hour before disappearing off site. Even Scotty is forced to admit that they are mostly absent. Chris feeling sorry for the builders pitches in. Again, somehow Nova are the bad people in all this.
4. Even Carleen observes that no matter what happens they (S+1) are helped out.

In other plotlines:
1. BMT educates the contestants about Div 43 & Div 40. It should have been the challenge that Karlie as a QS should have won hands down but BB win the $5k to fix their apartment.
2. Smug’s real estate agents come by and then start inspecting the other apartments. Andy kicks them out of his apartment. Smug are offended.
3. Carleen we learned used the entire Reece voucher leaving nothing for Kim. She also purchased a $2k TV. Why are there no consequences for busting the budget??? To even up the comp, another $2.5k is added to the other teams’ budgets.

What can we say, my mouth was agape at how badly behaved S+1 are and The Block trying to give them a positive spin.


Dear God,
Please save us and cancel any and all future seasons of The Block.
Yours desperately,


Critical condition but optimistic for full recovery if:
1. Contestants are held accountable for the budget. If you over-spend it gets added to your reserve. Each week, the viewers should be told what each team has spent including vouchers!
2. No more cry babies from Melbourne. Tinder then S+1. Steve and Chantell.
3. Teams that sabotage each other automatically lose 5 points for next week’s reveal.
4. Production/Architect/Engineer needs to step in so there is no pettiness when amenities require access to another team’s apartment. Too many kitchens/bathrooms have been compromised as due to inter-team animosity and the desire to undermine the integrity of their competitors’ space.
5. Nix the extra apartment. We know it is not always practical to have an extra team competing during construction but the combined space is just bloodshed particularly (like this season), the producers know the teams absolutely loathe one another. Given the time between auction and filming maybe bring back a returning team or get the judges to do the space.


I am happy to write the producers a letter endorsing all of the above. Or Santa Claus. Whichever you think will work the best.
This has been the worst season of The Block, evaah.


6. Ditch the judges and get new ones – people that understand that the wrong colour / size / placement of a cushion is not a deciding factor for buyers!


All the things on your wishlist were on last year’s, and the year before…and before.

They never listen. The judges should have been changed several seasons ago, blind judging should have always been standard.

The producers really have no interest in making it a genuine competition. Unfairness makes for more controversial TV, unfortunately.


I just noticed in the tv guide, we will have to wait until next Tuesday (Nov 8) to get the final room reveals, because the cricket starts tomorrow.


Can they drag it out any longer?


i know right?! if not for the 2 week telstra ad, the show would be done and dusted by now!


The Depreciation Challenge in detail. Mmm. Interesting where S+1’s apartment falls. Does that mean they are going to have a lower reserve than might be expected? Based on the BMT, we expect the boys to win if based on the original floor plan otherwise it is geared for S+1 to win.


Another f**king episode dedicated to making S+1 appear as victims of Kim and Chris’s maliciousness. So in the end Chris has to apologise to them for Julia being ‘uncomfortable about the whole situation.’ This from the person who said Nova’s apartment is crap, Kim is ‘bitter’ …get the picture. Producers must think people are idiots…unless they are editing the Block for each state, we don’t get how people side with S+1.

1. The scaffold is removed from the front of the building. Comparisons made to the classic Commbank money box.
2. Woman’s Day plug. It’s war. They all secretly hate each other. Don’t know if that was a real cover or a mock-up.
3. Chris’s birthday. Julia absent and Sasha does not sing Happy Birthday. The contestants (bar S+1) and builders attempt to go to Bounce via Pink Hummer. Said Hummer breaks down and the producers think it will ha-ha funny that Sasha come to the rescue. Yeah…nuh.
4. Julia wants to do the Block again….God, no…but given the love social media has for them, we won’t rule it out. The Boys are definitely on the invite list.
5. Keith check lists through the sponsors and then the faux rapprochement via rolling out turf. Insert string of swear words here. We don’t care what you say about Nova (and their style) but they worked hard and kept to budget and didn’t sabotage the other teams.


Notice how Sasha has time, and is all smiles and laughs for Scotty and Shelley in their little catch up times? This has been the recurring pattern with this most unlikeable woman, each week.


That is why she has such staunch defenders on social media who see that as the ‘real’ Sasha.

Did you notice how narrow the cabinetry is in the kitchen? You would be lucky to fit a dinner plate in. Oh wait, we forgot, according to S+1 the kitchen is channelling a library. Silly me to think that ladder represents a design fail.


Kim and Chris were interviewed on our local radio and I was impressed (I’m not watching the show). They seem to have good heads on their shoulders.

They were asked about the open house, and said that people commented that they expected the apartment to be much worse based on the judging. People said they couldn;t understand why the judges thought it was a mishmash, and that they really liked it.

Admittedly, C&K would be expected to emphasise the positive, but it will be interesting to see the results.


Totally agree with you Maz on the kitchen comment 22.1