Survivor US episode 4

It’s a bit awkward to chat about this Gen X v Millennials season with Nine shunting the episodes into No Man’s Land or, in SA’s case, just not showing it at all one week.
This thread is for episode 4, which screened Thurs, Oct 13 in Australia. If you haven’t seen it, read any comments at your peril.

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What is the point of screening it “shortly after the US” if they are going to put it on so late?


I know, I’m so pissed off with 9 & what their doing with this season of Survivor. First we get it a week late then they give us a double episode so we catch up but then put it on really late. Put it back on Go at 8.30 ch 9, this is bullshit.


Interesting TC last night. I can’t help but feel that David has done himself no favours. It might buy him some loyalty in the short term, but I can’t see it taking him any further.

The most satisfying thing for me was the look on Jessica’s face when she realised, both before and during the vote, that Ken had been totally honest with her. I wonder whether he will forgive her.

Bret and Chris seem quite unforgiving after last week’s TC. I hope they don’t become like the revengeful pair from the last US season. I’m surprised that they wouldn’t realise that Paul’s time was limited, considering that bossy people who set themselves up as leaders are eliminated very quickly.

This ep felt very, very short. I’ve got used to hearing more discussion and scrambling.


I thought David was crazy to do that and thought he is prime target now. If I was Ken, never trust Jess. For some reason I like Bret, if he is the dark haired one of him & Chris. I’m happy the mix is happening quite early in the game.


Yeah that was a classic. I was thinking now do you believe him. That Lucy, we didn’t see her for 3 episodes & then she comes out all bossy & ordering everyone around. When are these people going to realise what works at home doesn’t work on Survivor?


Wow, I loved that episode. I thought little google eye guy was really smart using his idol and twisting the game on Lucy. She would have come gunning for him and his strongest ally, Ken soon enough and she WAS too bossy. Now google eye woman will be grateful, surely.


I hope David still has Ken with him when they do the tribe shuffle. And if Jess is voted out she’d better give her legacy note to David.


I think David was more concerned with getting Lucy out rather than saving Jessica, but I can’t imagine the move is going to win him any friends. Hopefully for his sake he comes off ok in the switch up.