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Looking forward to a few giggles from this show.


When women hold their bag in the way exhibited by the first photo, I always think they are given everyone the finger.

I do like this show, but not when there are professional performers brought in to play up on the show by the producers.

Are all reality TV producers fraudulent hags?


I thought Roxy was a delight. I loved every minute of her.
And in answer to your question, yes.


She isn’t this old, but my mum has already started carrying her bag like this. I told her she is MORE likely to get robbed when it looks like she is carrying the Hope Diamond.


So worth watching? I just haven’t had time yet. It’s on rec.


Is it worth watching? Like a lot of reality TV, the answer is yes and no. It is car-crash TV.
Roxy was a combination of heartbreakingly sad and hopeful. You just want this woman to find love but you know she’s not going to.
And there was this one couple that kissed at the end. And you just wanted to scream “Stop. Stop. Please don’t. Nooooo!”. And you try to look away but you can’t.
And then there are just some trashy people and it is best that you use the fast forward button.


The funny thing is…and we no it from comments here….everyone has different opinions and; taste and beauty/ugliness (in & ;outside) are very much in the eyes of the beholder, so luckily there is someone for everyone, even this girl. She may have to lower her standards though.

brain dead dave

I thought it was worth watching. One feels for the contestants but the producers are sick puppies.

brain dead dave

Tonight’s episode was pretty entertaining , in my opinion. I’ll keep watching.

I got a bad vibe about that podiatrist and even worse vibes from the guy who was asking intently the size of his date’s feet. He was looking for a sole mate, right? Size 9.

Roxy and Rosheen are both beautiful. I hope they don’t meet too many maggots on their journey.

The bar person doesn’t pour a very good beer. Just sayin’. The beer looked good , though.

I’ll keep watching. Mindless though it is.

There was a sneak peek of more truly awful contestants on the approaching MKR season. Doesn’t augur well.


I finally got to watch it tonight and watched two eps in a row. I enjoyed it more than last years. Lots of thoughts but I forgot them all. Roxy was entertaining on both dates, “Oh btw, I am a real loser, no one likes me, I am horrible and pathetic”. She should never write her own CV. Poor Aajan got dumped by the girl who went on 50 dates & dldn’t find a man. That’s not going to be good for his ego.

Second time around and I still love Roxy. The podiatrist (jokes aside) seems like a better fit for her. And I thought that Sharon and Tim were the cutest.
But what would this show be without the dubious and the shudderingly awful. Dominic is the guy we’ve all met and run from at some time in our travels, but we secretly admire because of his wonderfully deluded self-confidence.

brain dead dave

The podiatrist put his foot in it when he crowed about being a rap artist and then reneged on delivering the goods.

The Postman~ too creepy, with captions on , I didn’t pick he was a Brit but who gives an Edgar. I’d see heaps of guys like him on those SBS venereal disease documentaries.

Mackenzie. It’s Dr.Phil 101 that you don’t talk about exes at a first date.


Roxy makes good tv.