Bachelorette Australia – Wed, Oct 5

Are there any more faceless men left for Georgia Love to leave roseless?
Surely it’s time for Rhys to get the boot. I do hope Sam sticks around just because we need someone with a bit of snark to narrate the show.
Tonight Clancy (the one who shaved his beard) gets a single date but, really, we just want to see what these intruders are like.

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I’m with you Juz – it’s time for Rhys to go. I’m sure I heard him say he wanted Georgia to start chasing him, that particular combination of arrogance and idiocy should be instant grounds for dismissal from the show.


It is though, isn’t it? I’ve written bad poetry in my time, but his stuff makes even me cringe.


Rhys thinks he is the only man on earth and he is to die for!!! YAK!!! Such as obnoxious guy. Worse than Sam. Sometimes I think Sam just want to have some fun.


I don’t think Sam is long-term marriage material (at least, I don’t think Georgia thinks that), but he’s so snarky and funny that I hope he makes it to the end anyway.


Sam’s snark is top class


Wow, it took the show’s stylists *this* long to give Rhys a decent hair style at a cocktail party. Go figure.

Poor Italian Mateo. He was in the competition for about five minutes. “Now you can take some time to say goodbye” … to the people you met 30 seconds ago. I did like Todd, he was kind of adorable. And I liked how the guys all stopped to listen to his song, and they grimaced to themselves, “Damn it, he’s good.”

Sam versus Rhys is getting funnier. I loved that Sam wanted Rhys to spend time with Georgia, just so she’d see what a tool he is. And it seemed to work a little bit. I’ll be honest, I adore Sam as the snarky narrator. I want more from him. Using “pretzels” as an insult is interesting, but I’ll run with it.

Ah, Courtney. He’s an odd case, isn’t he? I absolutely believe that he meant no offense and had no nefarious scheme or plan in mind but throwing the challenge … but it’s like he’s forgotten that this is a competition. There’s being a good mate, and then there’s shooting yourself in the foot. He just doesn’t seem to know how to woo a girl (and fair enough. I can’t say I know that either. Hehehe). But I don’t see him lasting very long.

Finally, the intruder Todd who loves musical theatre and Broadway … if only Ben was still in the house. Then at least two people here would’ve found love with each other!


Oh Windsong I totally agree with everything you just wrote. Everything. We must be twins.
I hope Courtney and Georgia have a snog session soon as I think he’s cute. And i like his outfits.
Lee for the win for me still.
My husband and I write down our single date choice, group date guys, bottom 3 and loser each ep. Gives us something to do, it’s a fab escape from work and the 3 kids etc. Life’s too serious sometimes 🙂


That’s awesome. Who’s winning so far: you or hubby?


Me Juz. Ep 2 I guessed 6 of the 7 group date and the single date. We didn’t think Matteo would go last night, he said Rhys. I said Matt 2 (not Matty). So many Matt’s!



Not only that, but they look like they’re getting oiled up for a Greco-Roman wrestling challenge.

All I’m gonna say is that it’s about damn time, Bachelorette. It’s about damn time.


As much as I dislike Rhys and Sam, yeahhh this series would be so dull without them. Well really, without Sam to take the piss out of Rhys. Sam does say some crackers though and his pretzels thing was pretty funny.

I get why Georgia was annoyed with Courtney but the whole thing was just played up for drama. If he is for real being there (ha) then he seems to be one of the nicest there and seems to be more a boys boy.. I think she was reading into it all too much. I still agree that it has to be Lee for the win currently. He has the “look” of a “winner” and seems more mature than some of them.

Still not sure about Clancy and Jake still gives me the irks. He just seems off to me and too weirdly competitive.


I get why Georgia is annoyed with Courtney. It must be hard to put yourself out there, and she is doing supremely well to cover up what must be some truly awkward moments.
And I don’t doubt for a second that she always has it in the back of her mind that some of these guys are only there for publicity, whereas she has to sleep with the last man standing.
From here on, I think that it’s unlikely that she will be able to get past the suspicion that Courtney is one of those guys.


“And I don’t doubt for a second that she always has it in the back of her mind that some of these guys are only there for publicity, whereas she has to sleep with the last man standing.”

Well, I don’t think she *has* to. I would assume that’s more of a voluntary thing.


Poor Matteo didn’t even get the courtesy they usually give intruders of one day’s immunity. Sam is hilarious and needs to stay as long as possible.


Why isn’t Clancy a plumber? Then he’d be Clancy of the Overflow.

(Apologies if someone else has already made that joke).


When he had his beard he was Clancy of the Overgrow

brain dead dave

One of these idiots ( I think it was Matt) called the intruders “midgets”. I’m surprised that went to air..