Zumbo’s Just Desserts – new thread

Should I start watching again now we are getting down to the pointy end of things?
On Monday the three contestants left will vie for this:

It's a golden ticket, because ... Wonka.
It’s a golden ticket, because … Wonka.

Zumbo’s Just Desserts With a Wasted Rachel Khoo and some Brazilian Chick screens on Seven, 7.30pm Mondays and Tuesdays.

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brain dead dave

I tried.

brain dead dave

I gave it 110%…and not only that, I dug deep. I suppose Zumbo cpuld create something amazing where egg ends up all over his face.


I stopped watching but maybe I will watch the final. Is this the final of this season or the final for the series? I would think the latter unless they make some changes including removing Gigi and having Zumbo and Rachel interact more with the contestants.


I have been watching bits and pieces all the way through the series so far, and will be checking in on the finals. The ABPC of this series is anything-done-in-a-dome-mold, with mirror glaze. Yawn.

Unfortunately, this show is just boring. Zumbo contributes very little, the time-caller’s voice sends a shiver up my spine, and Rachel…Rachel should stick with cooking and not appear on any show where we have to watch her taste food.


Totally agree Von. It seems as if she has no back teeth, only able to chew with her front ones so very precisely! She is so not a natural presenter and between her and the Brazilian ‘model’ the programme is ruined.


Rachel did a good job on MKR but she is a failure here.


Is the finale just sort of last nights episode all over again? Kate will beat Brogen (again) to then face off with Ali (again) to then lose to Ali (again) to make Ali the winner (of the golden ticket again?) I’m really hoping it plays out a little differently, just because otherwise boring and also Ali annoys me with her manic personality in the kitchen.


I hope Kate is the winner. Her plating may not be stylish but her flavours are spot on.


I like both Kate & Ali so will be hard to root for just one of them. So glad that hideous Daniel didn’t make it to the finals. Couldn’t have stood seeing the arrogant smug prick win.


I am really happy that Kate won but they both did great. It was so close. Just one point difference. I hope Ali won something too as runner up. She deserved it.