Zumbo’s Just Desserts ends tomorrow

So, Zumbo’s Just Desserts is apparently still going and tomorrow is the final, between Kate and Ali.
It screens 7.30pm-8.45pm on Seven. You can get a glimpse of what they have to bake on the official website promo here
Puh-lease can a free-to-air channel screen the latest season of Great British Bake Off so we can see how cooking shows should be done.

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I see legions of us are still watching this. I’ll watch the final to see if Kate wins. She seems to be the most down to earth person on any cooking comp shown this year. It makes a very nice change from all the drama queens, egotistical jerks, and sob-story-Sallies.


I’m not watching much, but when I did I liked Kate. They set her up in the promos to be the villian, but when you saw her comments in context, they were witty and entertaining, not nasty. She’s a refreshing change.


yes Kate for the win please


I like Kate too. Very witty with her comments.


I was going for Kate and both daughters went for Alli.


Ali is better with the presentation and looks of her desserts but Kate is just insane with her flavours.


Is the finale worth watching? Should I fast forward through most of it? I know who won.


I found it interesting enough to watch the whole episode for a change. Use the mute button for every time the time keeper lady speaks, and the fast forward for every time Ali cries – I think she set a new record last night.