US Survivor update

Survivor: Millennials versus Gen X screens in the US in a few hours but, unfortunately, Channel 9 has decided not to air the show for a whole week, which is, frankly, infuriating.
For the past few years they’ve fast-tracked US Survivor on Go at about 8.30pm but now they are screening it on the main channel, and not until 10.30pm at night.
Which just means super fans will pirate it and there’s little chance of newbies who’ve enjoyed Australian Survivor on Ten accidentally stumbling across it.

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bugga. I’m a new convert to the format and will definitely want to watch! That’s pretty rude of channel 9 – why take it if you don’t air it in a reasonable timeframe?


maybe channel 9 don’t particularly want to promote the Survivor brand?
alternatively, they are anticipating that there may be a week episode gap in the US thus allowing Aus to catch up.