The Bachelorette Australia – Wed, Sept 28

I’m calling it now: She doesn’t end up with Jake. I’m going for Lee because he appreciates the value of a good pun.
I know some people think Georgia Love slips into her TV journo voice too much, but after a Bachie season in which the word “gorgeous” was used ad nauseum I appreciate she has a vocab. And that she tells people is an erectile dysfunction surgeon. Named Dr Love.

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Lee is more fun to be with. Jake is very guarded, like Olena.

Still my Top 3 are Cam, Jake and Lee


I’m with LittlePetal on that final three call, I think. Those three guys seem to be her strongest connections so far, and Georgia seems like quite an emotionally-honest person, so I see them sticking around.

I also agree with that observation of Jake. He’s very tall, dark and handsome, but he still seems like he’s keeping a distance. Lee is my current favourite, but I love his goofy dad jokes, and even the other guys think he’s hot.


I have such a crush on Lee.


Lee is getting more lovable. 💞💖💞


And now Harry Potter is telling us all how to write poetry. Apparently the trick is the make sure that the word at the end of one line rhymes with the line before. Amazeballs.


Reports today that Rhys is married to someone in US
and Sam pisses me off, cocky bastard😀


I still adore Sam. Even at his snarky, sarcastic best.

Pity we lost Aaron, and that other bloke who I don’t really remember being there in the first place. It’ll only be one or two more episodes before we start getting to the actual, named bachelors. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

Georgia’s just so likeable and interesting. I really like her.


Georgia is so polished and professional that watching her date with Lee, I feel like I am watching Catriona Rowntree on Getaway.
I think all of these people just want a career in tv.

My favourite in this show…is Australia.


Yes! I was thinking too that she sounds like she is on Getaway haha! Most of the guys are suss to me, too..


Ruth Buzzy from Laugh In. Can you see it?


What about now?

all happening

Just read that Ryse has been married and has just filed for divorce.


If I was married to Ryse, I would be divorcing him too. He would never let me get in front of the mirror.


I think it will be a less obvious final three group. Someone like Matty J could get a look in, eg. I like Cameron a lot, Matty J, and Courtney, so far. Lee’s a bit too smooth, and Jake ditto.

Rhys is very doughy for a topless waiter or whatever his sidegig is.


There’s no definition on Rhys’s body. He’s in good shape, but he’s like one solid block of muscle, he needs to tone certain parts of his body (har) if he wants to actually have that chiselled, defined physique. He’s the only one we’ve seen shirtless, so far, and I reckon most of the other guys have nicer bodies.


Courtney: “That’s when I like girls the most!”

… when they’re cold, wet and scared? Um, okay.