I’m a Celeb to return

Channel 10 released this press release a few days ago:

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Returns In 2017.
Julia Morris And Chris Brown Back As Hosts.
On TEN And WIN Network.
Network Ten is thrilled to announce that the hit family entertainment show I’m A Celebrity…Get Me
Out Of Here! will return to TEN in 2017 – live from South Africa, five nights a week – for a third
Hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown will travel back to the South African jungle to host the show which
boasts heartfelt moments, spectacular challenges and stomach-churning trials.
Julia Morris said: “The thought of returning to Africa for a third season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me
Out Of Here! is exciting me so much that I am really trying not to wish the rest of this year away.
“My Darling Doctor and I are hanging to return to our luxurious jungle paradise to watch the poor
celebrities battle it out with various predators… there may be some animals there too.”
Chris Brown said: “For me, this show is all about pushing celebrities way out of their comfort zone in
the knowledge that on the way back we’ll see the most special and unexpected side to them. I can’t
wait to see who’ll be the next Marcia Brady [Maureen McCormick], Freddie Flintoff, Chrissie Swan,
Barry Hall or Brendan Fevola who surprise us with their endurance, their good humour and their life
transformation in one of the harshest environments on earth.
“Speaking of which, being reunited with my co-host Julia Morris both excites and terrifies me. In
Africa, I’ve been charged by rhinos, fended off hyenas with Masai warriors and even being leapt at by
lions, but nothing is as unpredictable as sharing that treehouse studio with my jungle accomplice,
Julia Morris. And I can’t wait to hear those jungle drums calling us back there again in 2017.”
The first and second seasons of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! on TEN proved a hit with
viewers and saw a plethora of local and international celebrities enter the jungle.
In the first two seasons, Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Maureen McCormick, Barry Hall, Merv Hughes,
Chrissie Swan, Julie Goodwin, Joel Creasey, Laurina Fleure, Brendan Fevola, Anthony Callea, Paul “The
Chief” Harragon, Val Lehman, Jo Beth Taylor and Shane Warne were just some of the celebrities vying
to win money for their selected charity and the glory of being crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.
Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff proved a force to be reckoned with in the inaugural season. He overcame
hunger, personal demons, homesickness, creepy crawlies and countless Bush Tucker Trials to be
crowned the King of the Jungle.
Season 2 saw former AFL player Brendan Fevola reign victorious. The father of three opened up in the
jungle about the time he spent in rehab for drinking, gambling and depression, and in a grand
gesture, donated half of his winnings to runner-up Paul Harragon’s charity, the Mark Hughes
Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “In just two years, I’m A
Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has become a key part of our schedule and must-watch family
entertainment television for many Australians.
“We are delighted to announce it will return in 2017. We are equally delighted to welcome back Julia
and Chris, who are without doubt one of the best and most entertaining hosting teams on television.
We’ve started our search for celebrities to send in the jungle and we know Australians are going to be
surprised and fascinated by the jungle crew we are lining up,” she said.
“Earlier this year, Season 2 of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! captured Australia’s imagination
and engaged with people across multiple screens for the second year in a row.
“In March, more than 1.6 million Australians tuned in to watch Brendan Fevola crowned the King of
the Jungle. The series average television audience for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
increased 7% on 2015,” Ms McGarvey said.
“The second season proved an online and social media phenomenon during its six-week run, with
more than 8 million Twitter impressions and 4.6 million video segment views on tenplay an increase
of 20% on 2015.”
I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is produced for Network Ten by ITV Studios Australia and will
return to TEN in 2017. The format is distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.
I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!
Coming To TEN And WIN Network In 2017.

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I would love it if JM and Chris swapped places and spent the season in the camp. I wd like to see Freddie Flintoff and perhaps Julie Goodwyn as hostsl NOT CHRISSIE. Just to be clear.

Calorie Loader

That would be hilair darling sending JMo and Chris in as contestants. It’ll take something like that to get me watching a third season. Pretty disappointed with this years show.


What would happen when JM met Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion?


That’s great news. Something to look forward to. Must admit I do enjoy the show, I hope they have a good assortment of contestants.


No bullies this time I hope. I’d like to see some of the celebs from Studio 10 and The Project in the jungle, and Osher. let’s get them out of their comfort zone!


They will always have a bully or two, or some nasty pasties. Otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to get excited about. I hope there are some really nice ones too, like Andrew Daddo, and some funny ones, like Freddie. I think the cast on the 1st season overall were better than last season.


We have to a variety of nice, bullies, up themselves and whatever. It would be no fun if they were all nice. We at home would get bored pretty fast.
I would love to see Osher in there and get to know the real him.
Maybe Ita from Studio 10 Pandy? Away from her luxuries.
I’m really pleased they are going with it, great show.


They could put that really annoying skinny woman from Studio10 for an annoying one. As Izobel2 said last year, they don’t have to be well known to be interesting.

I thought Julie Goodwyn would be a boring dag but she was a funny, nice dag.


According to New ( no ) Idea, Joel Creasy will not be returning to the jungle this year as host of I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here Now!
He confirms he no longer speaks to his co host Heather Maltman who has been blamed for the shows low ratings on social media.
I must admit, she was pretty bad he could do a better job paired up with someone else.


And it wasn’t all her fault (although she took most of the blame). He was pretty abysmal, too.


I still haven’t forgotten what a catty bitch he was.


I agree with you all. Entertaining people would be best. It’s good getting to see the real version of a celebrity. Osher would be a good choice. Imagine his hair with no product!
I’m guessing Keira from current Bachelor will be on the IAC 2017 season…!
S1 was def better than S2.