Australian Survivor and Zumbo air dates

According to Inside Survivor, the much-anticipated Australian Survivor will air Sunday, August 21 at 7.30pm – that’s the last day of the Olympics. Speculation is Channel 10 will run it twice a week so I hope the other day isn’t Mondays, as that’s when Zumbo’s show will air on Seven (starting the day after the Olympics).
Watch the latest Zumbo promo and see some of the speccy desserts the contestants have to make – no dodgy parfaits in sight Zumbo promo here

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I am looking forward to the Zumbo show. I hope it is a true cooking show, though, and not a platform for a lot of hyped- up drama and bullshit, with a little baking on the side.

brain dead dave

Hyped up drama and bullshit? Ch 10 have got that covered.

Someone at Ch 10 has said “Hey gice, let’s copy that high quality Creat British Bake Off show but we’ ll add drama and bullshit and clean up! We’ll make a star out of Zumbo yet”

( His Tim Tams aren’t that great, btw. Playing ducks and drakes with the illusionary packaging)

I will give it a whirl, just the same. It’s pretty boring for diabetics,yeah?


I agree, Dave, his Tim Tams flavours are pretty odd. I rarely eat biccies and the idea of a super sweet concoction with strawberry and champagne filling (what the hell Adriano?) doesn’t make me want to grab a packet. The Zumbo creations are always on sale at my local Woolworths.

Presumably his ideas are more creative and palatable when he is being a patissier rather than just supplementing his income.


Love the promo and all the yummy desserts. I hope they are just home bakers with creations and recipes do not call for fancy ingredients.


bloody hell – Zumbo and Survivor WILL both air on Mondays. Stupid timing clash.


Judging by the snippets seen so far (we are watching the Olympics, so when i say snippets picture a bombardment of sugar). . . they cannot resist casting for drama and sniping comments and manufactured emnity.

brain dead dave

Yeah, I’ve seen Zumbo’s face so many times already I’m starting to wonder which event he’s competing in.

There’s been trash talk from contestants. Bring it on.


I want a crossover with Australian Survivor where the reward is a plate of Zumbo desserts. The challenge could be catching and eating several of the nastier contestants in recent reality shows.