The Block cast revealed

The Block cast has been revealed and at least the building this time is a gorgeous art deco former soap factory – not like the ugly octagon.

More deets on
The story mentions Nine will likely program The Block against Ten’s Australian Survivor which just gives me another reason not to watch Nine, as I’ll be glued to Survivor no matter how bad it is.
Hopefully they will stick to the US format and do Survivor once a week instead of trying to drag it out into a nightly show.

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brain dead dave

What a surprise. They are all white trash……just for a change.

Ch 9 could have really stepped up and asked Pauline Hanson to host this appalling rubbish. Fail.


We love the Block but I don’t think it is the vehicle to do justice to an art deco building.

brain dead dave

$cotty et al will effortlessly transform art deco into art devo.


The ads were enough for me to tune out.
Prefer the Reno shows like flip or flop or flipped out.
At least they are only on once a week!

Like you Juz, will be watching survivor.


The Block is unpredictable.
It’s not just each couple, it’s the reno skills, the relationship with between the couples and most importantly, the relationship with Keith.
If just one of these bits go wrong, then the whole thing is tedium.
It must be a nightmare for the producers.
I’m happy to invest a week or two of my time before I decide whether to move on.
And I didn’t watch House Rules, so I don’t have macho idiot fatigue.


Thanks Juz. No doubt I will be checking out.
All the contestants look very familiar. Blondes, same sex teams and even an elderly team this time. I wonder if that idea came from Fil and Joe on that other show, other channel.
Finding it hard to find anything decent to watch at the moment.


Anyone up for The Block tonight?


I will record it but given we have Survivor, Zumbo and Bachie running I won’t be watching religiously. I’ll skip through the the room reveals though. I used to watch every episode – wish they’d go back to houses but it’s not as cost effective for Nine.