Australian Survivor – contestant Kate’s story

While we wait to learn the airdate for Australian Survivor, here’s some interesting back story on one of the contestants who reckons she’ll do well after surviving an horrific accident years ago (warning – there’s a quite gory photo at the top article so don’t click here if you are squeamish).

Here’s the latest promo screening on Ten at the moment.

You can read a few sentences about each contestant on tenplay’s official Survivor site

And here’s a bit about Barry Lea, the dude with the dreads providing some welcome relief in the casting sea of white faces. He’s now a radio host in Cairns but was once a Wallaby. Given he has media experience, I really hope he’s actually a fan of the show and wasn’t headhunted.

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Clearly the network producers neglected to highlight Barry Lea’s starring role as the “alleged” accused in a rape charge in Cairns District Court…and his resignation from the police force for “alleged” sexual misconduct before he even marched out of the academy gates…what a wonderful role model for tv…and sooo respectful of women…”morals and integrity”….ask the victims of his “alleged” crimes about his morals and integrity…


Thanks for share Kate’s Story. When the auditions will be start for Australian Survivor and how can i apply in this show ?