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brain dead dave

Well, this could be as successful as Here Come The Habibs.

More garbage from the worst network. When it gets too real Ch 9 pay people to kidnap children and let someone else take the fall. Keep your briefcase of filthy lucre.


“When it gets too real Ch 9 pay people to kidnap children and let someone else take the fall.”

To be fair, though, that didn’t exactly end well.

(although I was kind of hoping the rest of “Sixty Minutes” would fly over there to rescue them, and *also* be detained and jailed. Think how the overall quality of Australian television would *skyrocket*)


Having actually done some reading about this show …

My gosh. This is sickening. What the fuck is wrong with you, channel 9?

But the best course of action is the simplest one. Don’t watch the show. Advertisers won’t make any money and channel 9 will quietly dump the show and never mention it again.


What a really horrid premise for a tv show this is.

I have an idea for a better one. Take a bunch of highly-paid television executives, writers, promoters, and ad men and shut them in a small room. Have them come up with awful ideas for reality shows. Make them stay there until someone comes up with a proposal that is so deplorable, exploitative, and mean that none of the people in the room would use it. Winner being the viewing public.


This sounds a bit like the awful segment on “Sunrise” a couple of weeks ago with their silly segment “Steal or Split”, where someone nominates a worthy neighbour and has to decide to split or steal $10,000. Mostly everyone split the money fifty fifty until the last one where a greedy woman took the lot, leaving the old lady neighbour with nothing. The outcry was so bad the segment was finished for good, and the producers had to help the old lady with some decking work she wanted done on her humble home in a caravan park. The other woman copped so much abuse on the Sunrise facebook page it had to be deleted. It showed the best and worst of people.

brain dead dave

I won’t be watching at the “new time”, Ch 9……or any time. The “new time ” means it’s just about to be axed. It’s turd polishing Ch 9 style.

You can jam this garbage in the same place Here Come The Habibs went.