Promo for Survivor Australia

Did anyone see the promo for Australian Survivor that played during MasterChef?
They’ve bought the rights to Destiny’s Child’s song Survivor, which would cost them a pretty penny. Why not just use the iconic theme music? We see host Jonathon LaPaglia standing on a beach in Samoa, dressed in a blue T-shirt, sneakers and khaki shorts – so not exactly a Jeff clone, then. No baseball cap in sight.
They offer us a sneak peek of the contestants but all we see is a blur of action and these voiceovers: “I prosecute criminal cartels.” “I might be a teacher but I’m a student of this game.” “I’m an intelligence analyst. Covert surveillance. Drug ops.” [So, presumably she’s not going back to that career once Survivor airs]. “Lie, cheat steal.” “I would stick to my word.” “Honesty can get you the full way if you believe in yourself” [Has she never seen Survivor?] “My leadership is where I’m inspiring people and I’m pulling the strings.” “Mateship’s everything. Mateship is very, very important.” It goes for 55 days (Why not the usual 39?)
And there are 24 contestants. No air date as yet.

Here it is:

And the contestants (with more than half aged 27-34):

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I saw it! Loved it. The Aussie accents are a bit jarring after years of American Survivor.

I think it’s good they’ve got their own look and feel and theme song apparently (wonder if they’ll use it all through the show or just in the promos?), as it’s not Survivor, it’s Australian Survivor – much like Australian Masterchef’s innovations lead to the rebooting of the original UK Masterchef series. The extended length is another Aus production idea, how well it all plays remains to be seen. I’ve always thought Survivor 2 set in Australia was the making of the series, as prior to that the challenges were pretty lame. We’re an innovative bunch.

I liked Jonathon Paglia in the promo. Thought it was a really strong promo and was really excited to see it.


I was so happy to catch it as I usually fast forward through the ads.


Looking forward to it! Although 55 days is a loooong time for Survivor!


Looks really good and I’m more excited after knowing one of my friend’s in it! Can’t believe someone I know will be in a reality show I LOVE!

She’s gone all hush and secretive and quit her job all of a sudden, talked about going abroad, and being very cryptic with her answers, but now everythings come out about her top secret! Hope she does well as she’s lovely!


Looks good. No evidence of anyone who isn’t young and physically attractive. I hope that isn’t so, as it is the non-stereotypes who are the most interesting to watch.

Not a fan of the background music. I hope that is only for the promos.


Yep, of course survivors are known for their practical attire – so suited to staying healthy in a tropical climate. 🙂


Looking forward to the series. Oh, I hope there is some weirdos and uglies – they make the show as they are usually the more wittier and conniving out of all the contestants.
Who can forget Sue Heck’s mum in the latest Survivor series? She was a hoot. Certifiable!