MasterChef – Wed, June 22

In this gourmet cinema team challenge, the judges reveal that the contestants must cater for 165 cinema goers at a very special cinema event – the screening of MasterChef Australia’s greatest hits.

The contestants have to cook for diners who are watching a special film: MasterChef’s Greatest Hits. I wouldn’t mind seeing that, especially some of the dishes from the early seasons

Brett is captain of the blues, which also includes Heather (sans headband), Chloe, Theresa, Elena and Harry (sans top knot).
Red captain is Intense Matt, aided by Trent, Karmen, Elise and Mimi. Because red is short a member, they get to cook fewer covers but it’s still tough when the other team has two members per dish.
Both teams go with a Japanese theme and two members of each team head off to Coles, MKR style, to shop for protein such as you’ve never seen in your local supermarket.
Then it’s off to Caulfield racecourse to prep for movie night.
Brett is a bit thrown to learn red is doing similar dishes and his usually excellent leadership is a bit lacking when it comes to describing the dishes.
Over at red, Matt is communicating to his team well. Karmen is making yet another parfait for their matcha flavour choctop.
Matt tells G & G red is cooking honey-glazed salmon and beef tataki, and is reminded the dishes need to be able to be eaten with a fork while the moviegoer is reclining in a deck chair.
Brett says blue is making torched salmon (yum!) and grilled beef with a soz but is very light on detail for course two. Luckily Heather decides to sort out the beef dish and Elena lends her a hand. Chloe and Theresa are making a Japanese-inspired black sesame pavlova for dessert – Chloe sure loves her meringue.
Karmen is pretty much doing the red team matcha and lemon curd parfait on her own as Elise keeps getting pulled away for other tasks.
Oh god – George is doing his “yes, George!” demand. Urgh.
And then Gaz gets to be the bad guy, trying to put the frighteners on Harry that his dish can’t be eaten with fingers. Gaz easily picks up the food and then deliberately drops the rice base. Enough with the fake drama! Harry says if they toast the rice more even unco people like Gaz will be able to eat it.

The MasterChef movie starts screening and god those judges looked more dishevelled back then. Nice to see the lovely Adam Liaw on screen.

The judges taste

First up is the blue team’s torched salmon with rice (can someone please deliver aburi salmon to me right now!): The judges like it, it’s well-balanced and it doesn’t fall apart.
The red team’s salmon with kimchi: George loves the fish and pumpkin miso puree. Gaz says it’s a hit.

Back in the kitchen, it’s George’s turn to pretend to be the unco fool who can’t put a forkful of slice beef into his mouth. “They’re not seals,” he tells IM. Come on George, no-one sits in a beanbag to eat thinking they are going to walk away unbesmirched. Easy fix – cut the beef smaller.
Over at blue they haven’t really counted their beef. Uh oh.

The judges taste
Red’s beef tataki with pickled daikon: It looks pretty and the judges like it, especially the soy caramel.

Blue’s ponzu beef salad with fried mushrooms: It’s very similar to the red team’s dish. Matt says it’s a subtle dish with lots of freshness.

Back in the kitchen, the blue team is short of beef. Elena’s earlier call to weigh it out fell on deaf ears. Brett knows, as captain, it’s his fault. At least they have a spare fillet ready to chop and cook. Crisis averted.
George utters the obligatory: “It’s going to come down to dessert.”
The teams are working on the desserts. The blue team’s meringues cracked but they smash them so it doesn’t matter.

The judges taste (as a Reynold flashback plays on the big screen)

Blue’s black sesame pavlova with apricot: The judges are keen to taste it. The combo of yuzu curd and apricots is “a dream”.
Red’s matcha and lemon curd parfait choc top: Matt loves the matcha and lemon curd ripple.

Service is done and everyone’s cheering when a waiter runs in to shout thery are 15 parfaits short. Yeah, as if. No way did that stuff up that count or the edit would have alluded to it earlier. The poor reds have to rummage through the parfait offcuts to get something together.
Cue cranky talk from the judges about inconsistent plating.

The winners are ..
Blue team because the judges loved the sesame pav dessert.

Some strong cooks in that elimination, although Karmen may be in trouble if it’s savoury and we haven’t seen Mimi or Elise cook a cracking dish for a while.

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Just remembered I have a kindy board meeting tonight, so any recap will be late. Can someone please list all the players in the losing team tonight. Ta. Oh and one user has reported techie issues with the site today. Can anyone else having trouble send me an email. Cheers


Teams in tonight challenge


Brett (Capt)




Oh lord. Both doing Japanese dishes.

Also more parfaits!!!


and more bloody fish!


Now I am slowly slowly ( more like quickly) not liking Brett.

He is such a bad capt.


Really? Couldn’t they afford the rights to a commercially released horror movie?

The judges masticating on the big screen.


I have a friend who has stopped watching the programme because she cannot bear to see the judges eating. Why does Matt stick his tongue out to receive the food?


We smell a rat. Fifteen missing desserts?


Me too. They just want the red team to go to elimination.

Its quite obvious to see the different between 60 and 75 parfaits


Yep. One team has Elise and the other Chloe. No surprises.


Chloe just start to look ‘shock’ when they said the blue team dessert was a stand out. What about Teresa? Didn’t she help with the dessert? She just take all the credit


Shock horror tomorrow, looks like a favourite goes home.


So one less person = 15 less serves? Hardly a fair compensation.
Having that extra pair of hands is worth way more.
And I’ll never understand why, when they have to cook for a multitude, they choose salmon – the pin-boning takes forever. They always complain about it, yet continue to pick it.

We knew that Brett & team would win because they were ‘in trouble’ early on – standard Masterchef red herring.
And of course, Chloe bursts into tears because she has single-handedly solved the problem of world peace. Imagine what she could do with another nostril pierced!
I also believe that the missing ice creams were sabotaged – I think Matt Preston and Chloe ate them.

If tomorrow’s elimination is supposed to be a shock, that means Mimi is safe.
But I hope the other four stay.


I think that was a mistake by the waiters. Red were always supposed to do 15 less serves and that would have meant 15 punters went hungry.

The waiters bungled and production are so addicted to crisis and panic they didn’t correct them. Red somehow forgetting exactly 15 dishes and somehow magically producing 15 extra serves is ridiculous.


Not only was there not enough parfaits, every other components were short. That’s not possible. I could believe if say 3 or 4 short. Not 15 portions.

They just want to get rid of someone from the red team.

I rather have an extra pair of hands and do 15 more serves of everything.


I am tired of George stomping around saying everything three times and demanding “yes, George” as the answer. He is trying to channel Marco Pierre White, but has neither the presence, nor, I suspect, the talent.

“Pin boning this salmon is taking longer than we thought.” “I hope this parfait is set.” Same old whines. They never seem to learn. If you aren’t sure there is enough time to make the dish properly, make something else instead.

Heather and Elena were saying they weren’t sure if they understood their menu. Yet when Brett asked if everyone was right, they all said yes and wandered off. Sheesh. Is this MasterChef or Kindergarten Cookoff?

I had to turn it off after the judges started their nightly rave over whatever Chloe’s wondrously talented hands had touched, as soon as it hit the table. I look forward to the recap and/or more comments.

brain dead dave

I’m really worried for the show. It ‘s in trouble. It needs to keep pushing, yeah? Otherwise it’s credibility could be going home.( play computerised “Jaws ” music.)

Amatas do it too often. Pin boning salmon is a classic time waster, as is deboning “quails” and peeling loads of prawns. This way madness lies in the wanderful Ma$terchef kitchin. Fame struck lemming arrive each year and make the same mistake.


Chloe’s going to win it, isn’t she? I really hope Matt gets into the finals and topples her. I’ve never forgiven or forgotten her at home “Dinner with the Chef” idea. You are not a chef!

On the plus side, she’s managed to lose at least 10lbs during the comp – usually the contestants fill out. That and the way she GLOWS at the judges means she’ll stick around long time.

I do think they magically manage to get the team with the people they want to keep (Chloe) to be up against the marginally less talented and/or less favourited and featured in the edit competitors. Every time. It wouldn’t be that hard to stack it with the handing out of those tickets, either.


It’s the year for a male winner so I don’t think Chloe will win unless they decide to change the every other year male/female thing.


I think Chloe has removed her nose metal, although her tatts are awful. Unlike others here, I’m afraid I can’t take to Matt and at the moment I can’t see anyone who deserves to win – the Junior Masterchef contestants were better than this lot!

brain dead dave

Intense Matt lost me the moment he said meeting Marco was the greatest day of his life. He’ll lose his shit for Heston , too, I guess.

I think Mimi or Elise are in the producers’ sights tonight.


They are all very much on the same level in terms of skill and talent. Nobody stands out like in previous seasons (Marion, Reynold etc) and nobody left is appalling bad, either. I can only hope that the show, from now on, really pushes them out of the comfort zones and rewards originality. Then we might see someone rise to the top.

Vain hope, maybe.


Where is the innovation? Where is the best MC evah?
Both teams choose beef and salmon Japanese style. Karmen makes another parfait with a curd. Chloe makes a pavlova with a curd.

George makes a big deal about the size of the beef but it still looked like both teams were serving large pieces of beef. The beef hanging out of his mouth…did not need to see that. Tired of him attempting to emulate MPW with his repetitious commands!
15 portions of the red team’s dessert go missing…where did the production staff hide those?

Was that the best movie they could have offered the diners? How about making it a festive evening with a REAL movie and more interesting food choices.


It was a bit of a take-off of the MKR movie night, which in hindsight, looked like a really great night for the public. Couldn’t believe that they made the people watch old episodes – how pretentious.


Also noticed the movie goers were more of ‘older’ adults. They all must be friends and relatives of the production team. They didn’t get guests from through FB like they did for Heston pop up next week.

The way the waiter rushed in and said we were short of 15 desserts looked so fake.

brain dead dave

10 degrees in Adelaide now. You gice east of here would want to rug up, yeah? I folded like an amata and bought an electric throw rug from Harvey Norman for $69. I just have to fight Iggy for it.

Now I know how a parfait in a blast chiller feels. It’s gonna snow tonight.


Rug up everyone. Keep Iggy warm, BDD.


My underfloor slab heating was turned on for the first time ever yesterday. I will up the temperature by a degree tonight and curl up in the floor in the corner.


Arthritic pets love underfloor heating🐱


Thanks. Good to know. I have one of those. *imoji of a very fat small dog to go here*.


The “feels like” in the city centre is 7C. Luckily SA has buses with good heating.


Electric blanket on 2.
Raining cats and dogs in Melbourne . . . Brr Winter.
Hope Matt, Karmen and Trent are safe. Not fussed if Mimi or Elise go home.
Chloe continues to grate on the viewers nerves.

Showing re-runs of MC as the movie. Audience was ripped off. No, “From here to Eternity”. That’s how this season is feeling like.

brain dead dave

This season is “From Sphere To Eternity”. Yeah?


Yes Dave