House Rules – Sun, June 19 – garden reveals 2

Well, we’re getting to the pointy end of the House Rules competition here.
More are gardens revealed tonight, but the big question is: What colour pants will Joe Snell be wearing?
And it looks like the rest of the week is devoted to a charity reno.

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I gotta say, I felt like siding with Hagan, last night, during the typical Clare/Hagan histrionics when they were trying to finish the beer garden for the twins. For a start, Clare just up and decides to plant a giant tree in the dead centre of the space … making it a nuisance for people to step around it, oh, for as long as the damn tree is there.

And then, with the bloody BBQ, Clare is having a melt-down. “Oh it can’t be here we have to move it we have to shift it we can’t leave it here!” And Hagan’s asking the entirely reasonable question, “Where? Where do you want it to go? Where do you want to put it?” And Clare’s just screaming incoherently, “WE HAVE TO MOVE IT IT CAN’T STAY HERE WE HAVE TO MOVE IT!” I felt kinda bad for him, at that point in time. I’m sure they’re a lovely couple but they do not handle stress well.

Skipping a veranda on Luke and Cody’s property also seemed like a crazy decision. Whenever I see outdoor rooms like the beer garden or the outdoor lounges in L/C or J/F’s place, the only thing I think is, “what happens when it rains?” It’s all very well to design outdoor spaces like that, but nobody ever seems to bother thinking about the weather, which I find quite staggeringly impractical.

And for the record, Joe Snell was wearing two different brightly coloured-trousers when he and Wendy checked the houses out. Orange and red/pink?

all happening

Totally agree with you Windsong. Clare really was the instigator in that fight. Given the massive rain storm they had at the beginning of the garden eps, a cover should have been a priority, especially over the verandah. Sails may have been ok for the beer garden. Cheaper slabs may have been the way to go for C&H instead of a small no of expensive slabs. Why didn’t B&M use the same pavers under the house as in the sunken garden. The boys just get on with the job without the histrionics but having a bit of fun. Lovely boys.
There have been HR ads for supporting the Queensland boys, blah, blah. Has there been ads for other teams in other states. I am hoping it is a sign that L&C are in the grand final.

brain dead dave

I haven’t seen much here about Brooke and Michelle in SA.


Agree with both of you. Clare’s emotions got way out of hand. She sometimes reminds me of a drama queen. The slabs were a waste of $$ since they wound up breaking them up into smaller pieces.

The lounges and pub areas needed pergolas/patio covers.

Maybe the lawn billiards was a clever idea but I thought it was just a waste of space. That area could have been used for something else. I have a feeling that Luke and Cody will be getting rid of it.

Still hoping that Luke and Cody will make it to the finals and win. They have done the best overall while remaining ethical, organized and kind.


Yes, completely agree with everyone regarding the lack of cover for the shade, and protection from rain.
All that outdoor furniture and cushions will look bad after a few big rain storms. Most people would want to build a pergola and put their nice furniture under it.
The boys garden needed paving where those two chairs were sitting, and a walkway past the French windows. The judges actually got that part right, I would have made it a priority.


Agree with you all, what were they thinking, not one couple provided any shade or cover from rain.
Not to mention all of that beautiful expensive furniture, barbecues and gas fires that were just shoved out in the open. First sign of rain you have to runaround like a mad man dragging everything inside.
Brooke and Michelle definitely had to go home. They have had so many chances but they just couldn’t cut it.
Please let it be Fil and Joe next. Stupid idea the bowls come pool game.
Boys for the win. Most consistent and decent of all teams. I agree wholly with your final line Smythe.

all happening

I got really confused as to who was doing what style in which rooms. I found it a bit boring last night. C&H look like they will be fighting again. I wish Claire would listen to Hagen about measurements etc. Why buy a Buddha and an umbrella for a play area. If anything a sail. it sounds like there are trees over them. Have they not heard of dial before you dig with the sewer tonight.


Joe is so busy snooping around everywhere, haha, saying, ‘what are you doing in your bathroom, I won’t copy off you’. Yeh right he won’t. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.
I don’t blame C and H for keeping their shower screen a secret, good on them.
I so hope the boys with this, they just have to.
AH, you are right about the umbrella and Buddha for a children’s area, bad buy.

Imagine if Brooke and Michelle were here trying to complete all of this work, OMG!


Joe’s ‘not a tradie, not engineer’ he’s an accountant. Time to go Fil & Jo…


PollyB if I hear Joe say those lines one more time I’ll scream and also if Fil says she is doing it from her heart, every house she has done has been from her heart. What a big, overflowing heart that lady has.
Joe might keep stressing he is just ‘an accountant’ but they have also had a lot of experience renovating homes and I believe had to have had to get on the show.


I’ve just caught up on the garden reveals, and feeling very suspicious about both landscapers at Fil and Joe’s house (front and back) suddenly deciding that they didn’t have enough time to finish paving. Then there seemed to be a whole day while the teams finished off, with no paving team in sight. Especially in the front where there was only a three by three square and a short path. I reckon there was some drama-creating going on.

Also, the disconnect between what the teams were alledgely trying and failing to complete in the last hour, and how the gardens presented when being judged, was far greater than before. Very obviously a team had come in later and cleaned up all the mess etc.

all happening

There was nice clean concrete ready for judging that was dirty at the end of time for the couples but that is normal. Every reno I have seen on the show has a clean up team.