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Barracking for Queenslanders – what is the world coming to?

If it is still down to the vote, the boys are a foregone conclusion. Love ya, Luke and Cody.


Lots of hits and misses in the reveal last night. I hated the wallpaper – it gave me a headache, which is not good for people who are already sick. Yellow is my favourite colour but not like that bedroom. The whole bali thing in general was not good. I thought the boy’s bathroom was the best, with C&H’s a close second, and their two gardens were great. I liked the manhattan main bedroom but the bed was not centred with the rectangles on the wall.

Where do you think C&H’s hidden room will be? It seems that the salon is the only option. Or maybe they are not doing the hidden room thing this time?




Was that off the main bedroom? I forgot about that.

all happening

I wondered about that earlier on. It would be a shame to cover the big windows in the bedroom. A balcony wouldn’t be as big as a room surely. A lush balcony would be a waste imo off the bedroom. You wouldn’t want to entertain on it surely.


I don’t know about that. My 80yr old mum has entertained her neighbours by stepping out nude onto her balcony to enjoy the night breeze.
My family think I’m crazy. 😆


Word of warning: I was going to ad a pic. Don’t google tiny grannies or granny porn.

all happening

I agree re the wallpaper. Not at all restful and yellow was horrid. I have started voting on the website and sms as well. I so hope the boys win. They have really only had one bad week and C&H have done some ordinary rooms. I was trying to work out where they could have hidden another room except the salon. They did mention the mystery room last night.


I am wanting the boys to win. Nothing against Clare & Hagan but they did get a very good renovation to their house, so they can’t complain. I am sure the upstairs addition has increased the value of their home more so than some of the other houses’ renovations.


Rooting for Luke and Cody to win!! They have been the best overall, IMO. Good people and good renovators.


I am pleased my T.V. came good and I was able to watch most of last night, hoping for the same tonight.
I was freaking out when all the good comments were coming in for Fil and Joe’s rooms. Sometimes I have to wonder about those judges, they just don’t ring true.
Have to give credit where it’s due and I did like F and J’s kitchen the best, really did a great job.
As for the rest of their rooms, no thank you. Thank goodness the judges didn’t go for the linen cupboard doors, they were definitely a shocking job, if they had liked them, then I really would have known the show was rigged.
Can’t believe they loved the wallpaper, it was so in your face and I would think it would make the room smaller. The yellow didn’t cut it for me either.

Honestly every time Fil spoke I would cringe I was disliking her more and more. I was thinking what is going on with me but I had to remind myself that most of you felt the same way.
Obviously something not ringing true about the woman because we all saw through her.
I really thought they were going to make it through last night.
Claire wasn’t liking the criticism, her face was getting sterner and sterner.
Go the Dalby boys!


Hi Gaye/ Gabby! I agree with you, I hated the wallpaper too, not what you need when you want to rest and relax. The cupboard doors were awful, I can see a lot of things catching on them, and hard to clean. yellow colours were pretty bad as well.
I’m happy with the last two couples left, the boys are just gorgeous, it would be like them to give the prize to Claire and Hagan, I wish they all could win but I think the boys will scrape in so good on them.
All the ads were really annoying me last night, they dragged out the show so much!


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head (notice the reno-related pun?). Fil just doesn’t ring true. Her professions of love, compassion etc all come across as fake and just said to enhance her image.

And, yes, the lasst half hour was terribly drawn out. It really has to stop, channel 7.


House rules out-rated both Masterchef and The Voice on Sunday. Well-deserved as it is getting more watchable, while the other two shows are getting boring.


Yes, I may have to watch the HR finale, after only seeing bits and bobs this season.


I think I have enjoyed watching this season of House Rules because of Luke and Cody. They seem to be very genuine and no fighting between them or backstabbing of the other contestants. It’s been nice to have a very pleasant and positive team.

all happening

I put in votes for the boys on the yahoo site and next day I got a thing saying I had to reply or the vote wouldn’t be counted. I didn’t do it as I was worried it was a spam or virus email. Anyone have know?