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Well the homeowners were mostly happy with the job they received on their home.
I was so hoping they wouldn’t like anything done by Sailor guy but alas was not to be but thankfully he is not in the lead. Still would have liked Brooke and wife to have at least had an even score.
Pleased Hagen the plumber was brought down a peg or two after the way he spoke to dining room guy (sorry haven’t got all the names as yet) about possibility of lifting fire, he was so pig headed and thought he knew best about it. I bet wifey had a few words to say after scoring, she was taking none of the blame.
What happened to the kitchen tap, I missed that bit but a very important item to leave off.

The way the family spoke they talked the talk as if the house is going to be a keeper and they are all going to live there. A very nice family.

all happening

I just saw Jo on the morning show and she was saying that Rob is actually a really nice guy when not stressed. She said he was mortified at the way he treated people when he saw the show go to air. he apparently sent texts to all the teams apologizing. He also realizes his manner not helping after this next house.
Hagen was a nasty piece of work too, Gabby. I am still learning names too.
The tap was not there originally because she had run out of money but then they just used the excuse that time was the issue.
Loving the boys along with all the audience according to Jo.


To be fair, Brooke and Michelle never claimed that they ran out of time, it was just assumed by both the judges and Phyl and Joe. I was trying to think what they could return to the shop so they could get a tap, but they actually had very little extra bits in their rooms. Only a little frippery in Celeste’s room, which probably wouldn’t be enough.


Sorry all happening it’s easy to apologise after he sees the backlash he received isn’t it? Of course he would be mortified when he has alienated most of the viewers after the first night.
It will take a lot of work from him to redeem himself. I really cannot believe he is a really nice guy. He couldn’t even talk to that young guy in the car because he thought he was above him and the young fella was probably in awe.
Sorry but he really got my goat up and that Hagen.
I hate people who think they are better than others.
I just hope the other contestants refuse to take it from him any more.
I hope Brooke and Michelle get a good job done on their home, I am liking them, so far.


It is a bit of a red-flag when the wife says “..he doesn’t really mean it”. Isn’t that what DV sufferers say about their abusers? Not that she seems to show any other signs. I actually like what I have seen of her, she seems decisive and a hard worker. Maybe she just nods her head in agreement when Rob is home, and then just fixes everything after he is gone.

all happening

I agree with you Gabby re Rob. I thought it was funny that he suddenly heard himself and realized the voting public hate his guts. Too late I suspect.


Don’t you love it when people use the “I was stressed” excuse for dickish behaviour.


The house turned out better than I expected from the very, very drawn out final six hours, where they achieved 24 hours worth of work.

My favourite rooms were the main bedroom (except the bed head)and the dining room. Despite Rob’s repellant personality and selfishness, it is hard to deny his design ability. The curved corners were genius. And I liked the entry although it was a waste of space for such a small house. Where did they get that piece of furniture for the hall, was it purpose-built?

Not a fan of giving teens double beds especially when the rooms are so small. Why couldn’t Daniel and Nancy fill that corner with a smaller “mud room” fixture? Did they just run out of time?

The kitchen was great, and thank goodness, not a butler’s pantry in sight. However, there didn’t seem to be any pantry at all. At least there were plenty of cupboards/drawers. Liked the round window (play school anyone?).

The fireplace was a general disaster. Why put it on the edge of the room where you can’t sit by it? Or if it goes on the wall, then just make a lovely classic one backing the wall. And the TV hanging in the middle of nowhere. Iwould hav put the tv on the wall facing the kitchen and floated the lounge facing it. I liked the idea of the stone, but it ended up looking very wrong. In a very white house, the creamy colour looked dirty, the quality of the installation was poor.

The bathroom was also pooly designed. Although I know it is not fashionable, it should have have had a separate toilet room, especially with a brother/sister sharing. I’m also not a fan of the glass wall thing with no door (hence sending water everywhere) it would have been much better here than the solid wall.

The judges were quite tolerant of poor quality finishes in this house. I could see painting errors in every room, plus some rough plaster work.


Apologies for the typos above. For some reason I can’t seem to edit after submitting the post.


“Although I know it is not fashionable, it should have have had a separate toilet room…”

Agreed. I don’t know why it’s sudden become fashionable to have a toilet just sitting there in the middle of the room, but it seems like an awful idea to me. Do you really want your toothbrushes in the same room as where you’re doing your business?

As someone who’s slept in a single bed all his life, I can’t fault them for giving a teenager a double bed. I mean, not every teenager is a sex-crazed nympho. I never was. I would’ve been grateful just for the chance to stretch out in bed (I’m quite tall). The space consideration is probably more of an issue.


I don’t have a problem with a young adult having one if there is enough space, but neither of those rooms could fit them. And a fourteen-year-old needs other furniture, like a desk and/or dressing table, before a big bed. But I could see it was a popular choice, and met the house rule of making the kids not want to leave.

In last night’s ep, did I hear Hagan and Claiire talking about a tv for the little girl’s room?


Sorry, didn’t mean to sound snarky there. Apologies if I came across grumpy.

I just, I really hate my single bed, and my tiny little room :(.

To be honest, I found that I just tuned out whenever Claire and Hagan were shouting at each other. Rob seems like a tool as well, although I’m looking forward to the advertised fight between Rob and Philippa. I bet Phil breaks him in half over her knee like a twig.


I didn’t hear about the T.V. For the little girls room (but that doesn’t mean anything) but I definitely don’t agree with it and will be most disappointed if they out one in there.
They probably could have got away with a king single in the young girl’s bedroom, that would have created a tiny bit more space.
A small desk would have been a good idea though. They didn’t have desk in the teenage retreat did they?


I might have been wrong. It just sounded like they said “..with the tv here…” while pointing to the space under the little shelf beside the fireplace.

Speaking of the fireplaces, pure vandalism by Daniel and Nancy to remove the one in the workspace.

all happening

Yes Fijane, you did hear right about a tv in the little girls room.
Rob really is a lazy self centred you know what. he goes out of his way to create problems. His wife looked so stressed when she interceded with one of the boys I think. She sounded terrified that Rob would explode. Great leader in our Navy I think NOT. Hasn’t there been problems on the HMAS Toowoomba?


If you do a bit of Googling, there’s some quite tragic (and quite disturbing) stories of problems in the navy (and a navy base near Perth in particular).

I think Rob’s just not used to being a civilian. He’s surrounded by people who don’t give two craps about his rank or the badge on his chest, but he’s still operating under the assumption that they do. I think it’s less about Rob and more the attitudes the armed services may (or may not, being fair) cultivate about treating lower ranking members as things. It doesn’t paint a good picture, though.

all happening

That $500 lamp may be a bad buy too as she keeps saying she does those designs for customers not necessarily liking them for their house. I think they have taken too much from the office as their taste.
Given the dump with nothing expensive in Fil’s house, I don’t think she could have stood living in the house without all the bling.


I thought that lamp was terribly ugly, no matter whether it suits the rules or not!
Fil’s house was extremely run down, so they were very grateful for anything. This house wasn’t bad to start with, so I think (I hope) the owners will be more discerning about scoring according to what they like.


Anyone who pulls out a beautiful fireplace out of a historical home should be sent straight home imo.


Hard to believe they did that, and then five minutes later they raved about the brick wall. There were lots of solutions they could have used to gain more space without ruining the fireplace.


I remember sitting there watching that happen, and thinking, “don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it … oh you freaking MORONS!”

And thusly we come to the problem of hiring rank amateurs (who know zero about home renovation) to renovate your house. And it’s not like your life just goes back to normal after the competition is over. Once they’ve screwed up your house, that’s it, you’re stuck with what they’ve done, particularly if they’ve demolished parts of it you wanted to keep (unless you sell it and move on, but I imagine that’s kind of an ordeal, and that doesn’t get you your old house back).

I’m a railway sort of a guy, so the train-line wouldn’t bother me at all (I’d quite like it, to be honest). And it does look like a gorgeous house, I’d just be very nervous about what it’s going to look like at the end of the week.


Can’t believe about the fire place but couldnt believe how Rose stepped in and said to Ryan, you don’t talk to Rob, you talk to me and Rob was quite happy with that.
He was happy for his wife to take all of the shit he is creating.
When Ryan was drilling the concrete and Rob smiled over and said “Are you having a fun time?” I could have thrown a brick at the television.
These guys need to really rally against him.
No excuses for his behaviour whatsoever in my book.

What do you think of Fil and her shopping? Have a guess who wears the pants in that house?

We are finally hearing more about the budget this year, not the exact amount but people reaching it. I don’t think by necessarily picking the most expensive tiles in the shop will give you the win.

The owners are going to be horrified when they see all those hexagons and octagons everywhere. She should have removed them all beforehand, what were they meant to think?
I don’t think they gave very definitive instructions for what they wanted.


The blue tiles must have cost over $10k, if returning a few boxes got Fil a refund of nearly $3k. I like her in general, but the shopping thing is irritating me. She’s a bit “I want it, so I’m having it, no matter what”. I couldn’t live with that. And Joe told her not to buy the vase so she just pretended the phone had cut out and bought it anyway. She’s dazzled by bling,and has no sense of restraint.


so what suburb do brooke and michelle live in

all happening

I rather liked that mirror for the entrance though Gabby. The fire place and brick wall would have been great as long as there is some sealer over the mortar as the dust can be horrid from exposed brick walls.


Jesus, I’m only half watching this and Rob & his partner are driving me bananas. Effing whinge, whinge, it’s all about me, bullying control freak. This is not entertainment.


Yep, Rose keeps saying “can you hear yourself?” And I wonder whether that would make any difference.

Rose was absolutely correct about the bathroom door, but she did go on (and on) about it. I know she thought she was fighting on behalf of the owners, but she needed to realise when she was beaten.

This house feels like almost a complete disaster to me, there are so many things I would be unhappy about if I was Brooke and Michelle. Period features removed or ignored, fridge in a different room (what the…?), black walls in the dining room, too high bench seat with a trip-hazard foot rail matched with a too-low table, narrow doors to pantry and laundry, bathroom door opening to hall, tv in the little girls room, mish mash furniture in the entry (but a gorgeous sideboard), cricket theme and artificial grass in the laundry, modern style requested in just the family room carried into every room, bright blue bathroom tiles instead of turquoise (girl’s bathroom is better), and colourful hexagons in every room.

I suspect that R & R will win this week, at least they have tried to enhance the 1920’s character of the home. Or maybe Daniel and Nancy, with their exposed brick wall and glass tiles, but only if they are forgiven the fireplace.


I predict Hagan and Claire to be on the bottom again this week – the dining room is totally awful and has no redeeming features at all. It is hard to see them improving enough to save themselves from being the first eliminated.


RR’s hexagon design behind the TV looks horrible. Laundry room cricket theme…silly.
C & H…hexagons in the walls and black walls….horrible.
D & N…removal of fireplace not a good idea but at least they exposed some of the brick wall.
Fil: $1200 vase and overpriced tiles… waste of money. Her and hubby’s door placement…bad decision. I thought they were experienced in renovating. I think she is just experienced in spending too much money and her husband is experienced in just letting her get her way.

Fast forward when I see Rob or Rose, especially Rob.

I don’t think the homeowners are going to be overjoyed with the reno but then who knows.


So, what will B & M like about the house? Obviously the extension on the back is great, a huge increase in space.

Exposed brick wall?
Girl’s bathroom? We haven’t seen much, just the tiles going up, so it may be quite good. Why didn’t they do a full family bathroom?
Kitchen? I can’t see the layout working properly, but a fresh kitchen will always be good.
Entry? Love the sideboard, and I think it was a good decision to keep the door (sorry, Luke, but you are wrong).
Fretwork and leadlight in hallway.

What else?


I’m finally catching up on last week’s shows and cannot believe some of this crap that is going one.
The fact Fil and Joe who are starting to get on my nerves cannot afford apparently to put the bathroom door on the right way because they have no money left. Maybe if she took some of the overpriced rubbish back, namely one vase that was definitely not called for. I would rather have my door the right way than a stupid looking vase.
The geometric artwork behind the T.V. was created by Michelle for one of her clients, I’m sure she is going to be overjoyed, (not) to see it hanging in all of its glory.
Another mishmash of work done.
I’m not even going to mention the most ignorant man on the show, he doesn’t deserve it.


I am actually looking forward to tonight’s episode, purely for Brook and Michelle’s reaction to what’s been done to their house. I don’t think they’ll be terribly happy about a *lot* of it, but there’s a few things they might like.

I think putting the fridge in the pantry is the very definition of designers and builders being clever for the sake of being clever, and totally sacrificing any kind of practicality in the process. And I’d be *mad* at the ruined fireplace in the guest room.


Umm. Removing the fireplace is most disturbing. I read a comment about at least the used exposed bricks. Seriously the fireplace was exposed bricks.