Eurovision is almost here

SBS is awash with Eurovision programming this week, with Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang again leading us through the confounding awfulness that is the competition.
Last year Guy Sebastian was our representative, since we’re not part of Europe, and this year it’s Dani Im from X Factor. I didn’t watch her season but I believe she’s rather good.

The esteemed Lee Lee Chin gets to read the votes again.
If you are mad keen you can get up at 5am Wednesday to watch the semi finals begin. Otherwise, the final coverage starts at 5am Sunday and goes for three-and-a-half hours. It’s then repeated at the more agreeable timeslot of 7.30pm, or you can be like me and just watch the highlights on the news.
Any Eurovision fans out there? Zhee – is it a big deal over there?

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